19 Photos That Prove Australia Is a Treasury of Impressions

Australia was the second country in the world to implement women’s suffrage. However, most people know this place thanks to its flora and fauna and some unusual everyday things. Therefore, we decided not to deviate from tradition and have made a selection of particularly vivid photos from the lives of people who have been to this country.

“In Australia, we have chocolate frogs with popping candy and 100s & 1000s in them.”

“Took this picture of an infinity mirror in the South Australian Museum today”

“Different gum tree leaves during winter in Australia”

“Was mowing the lawn and discovered this absolute unit of a stick insect”

“Captured a photo of a kangaroo yawning on school camp last week”

“Yeah, nah. Might hold off on cleaning the shed out”

“Our friendly magpie who visits us every morning! She showed up this morning with a mouthful of bugs. She walks right up and sits with me and steals little bits of our dogs’ food.”

“My physics teacher defended her house from bushfires by herself and then waited out the fire in her pool using a scuba tank.”

“Never leave your picnic unattended in Australia”

“Some trams in Australia have spots for your surfboard.”

“Sanitary pads in Australia have facts on the back of them.”

“It’s so hot in Australia, the slide melted.”

“Excuses electricians use in Australia.”

“Size of the hail that fell in Australia.”

“The wool of an Australian Merino sheep.”

“Australian toilet/basin. Saves water by using fresh water from the basin to fill the cistern for the next flush of the toilet.”

“This Australian $2 coin depicts a popular children’s character, Dorothy the Dinosaur.”

“My brother went diving in Australia yesterday and made a new friend.”

“Just trying to ride a bike near a nesting magpie.”

Preview photo credit SheaStruiksma / Imgur
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