17 Hard-to-Believe Photos of Life in Japan

Facts about life in Japan never fail to evoke a special kind of feeling. It’s impossible not to recognise the originality of this ancient country’s way of life. Here, centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge technology come together in such a unique way that it makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a science-fiction movie.

“In Japan we have ’action flavored’ coke at the moment.”

«I ordered a guitar pedal from Japan and it came with an origami crane and a handwritten thank you note.»

“This very expensive iced coffee glass (~$270 USD) for sale at Starbucks in Japan.”

«My luggage claim ticket in Japan is a plastic disc.»

The trains in Japan have women-only cars.

“Think America is tops in fast food junk? Japan sees your stuffed crust and raises you.”

Starbucks in Kyoto.

This temple in Tokyo dedicated to cats.

This vending machine in Okinawa only sells bottles of Sriracha hot sauce.

This hook-shaped restroom door handle in Japan, so you don’t need to use your hands.

Raw horse meat flavoured potato chips in Japan.

Shopping mall food court in Japan offers napkins to wipe tables. Everyone unfolds their used napkins and stacks them neatly.

In an airport in Hokkaido, Japan, there are refrigerated lockers to store your seafood purchase.

«This tiny package of strawberries my father-in-law gifted me.»

This Rainbow Cheese Sandwich in Tokyo.

Just an everyday bento (lunchbox) in Japan.

«This was purchased for me and my coworkers at a work function. The price was about $15 and yes, it was delicious.»

This water fountain in the middle of a train platform in Japan.

Have you ever been to Japan, or maybe you’d like to visit? What attracts you most to this extraordinary country?

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