18 Poor Souls Who Won’t Forget Their Plane Ride Even If They Lose Their Memory

According to estimates from 2014, around six million people travel by plane every day. But it’s not always a positive experience. There are times when a few hours’ flight can turn into a nightmare in the skies. Passengers can suffer from poor service, inappropriate behavior from their in-flight neighbors, and their own absent-mindedness.

“On my flight. Can you like not?”

“Someone flying out of DFW is going to have a rough time in a few hours.”

“The guy who brought the world’s brightest light to read his book for the entire flight”

“I took a nap on a plane flight and woke up to find the person sitting next to me had put their trash on top of mine on my tray. I was literally too stunned to say anything. What nerve”

“My wife’s first trip on a plane and this was the view out her window.”

“I can’t be reimbursed for that, and it means a lot to me...!”

“I left my AirPods on the plane.”

“On the plane, the passenger behind me put his stinky foot on my armrest through the entire flight.”

“Watching TV on her phone on a plane for 2 hours with no headphones”

“I bent my iPad in half while reclining my seat on the plane.”

“Person behind me on the plane decided to sleep with his hand on my seat.”

“Woman just dropping her food tray in the middle of the aisle of the plane.”

“She decided she wanted to put her tray up, so she just dropped her tray on the ground, and she knew it was an awful thing to do because she slid it away from herself and closer to my foot.”

“Sitting on the only row on a plane that doesn’t have a window”

“This is a meal that a $1000 plane ticket gets you..... At least it was warm.”

“This was how my entire 4-hour flight went today. I am a 5’8” female"

“Came from an 8-hour flight just to find that the people of the airport broke into my luggage”

“When you get on the airplane for a long flight and open your AirPods case only to find it empty”

“My dad sent me this picture from his plane ride today.”

Is there a flight you still remember with a shudder? Where did you fly to, and what happened?

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