20+ Photos That Make South Korea Look Like a Parallel Universe

Movies, music, and beauty products, these are the first things that come to mind when you think about South Korea. In fact, this mysterious, authentic, and not-very-popular tourist destination will surprise anyone, even a frequent and sophisticated traveler.

There are special tents at crosswalks that allow pedestrians wait in the shade for when it’s safe to cross. So caring!

In a suburb west of Seoul, there is a cafe where you can go and eat alone.

Why I did not swim in South Korea.

Koreans like to give practical gifts. For example, they might give you toilet paper or detergent at a house-warming party.

  • If you invite a Korean to your house-warming party, 9 out of 10 ties, they will bring you a package of toilet paper. Koreans believe that the length of the roll symbolizes a long life. © AdaKwon / Pikabu

  • In Korea, it’s customary to give detergent, soap, dishwashing liquid, and actually anything that foams, at a house-warming party. This way, the income of the house will grow like foam. © Svetlana Kim / Ok

“I ordered pizza in Korea and got a whole smoked chicken with it!”

There is a Korean kindergarten for dogs. There are nap times, strolls, and a lot of toys. Well, anything that can be found in an ordinary kindergarten.

A Korean wedding lasts no longer than an hour.

“School Lunch in South Korea.”

“In Korea, it’s customary to introduce new family members to not only living relatives, but also to ones that have already passed.”

“I’m pregnant, so we came to the cemetery to introduce the future descendant to its late ancestors. My husband comes from an ancient family. They have their own mountain where 6 generations of his deceased relatives are buried.” © AdaKwon / pikabu

You can find these sidewalk markings there.

In Korea, they serve thick slabs of butter with red beans on bread as a popular snack called “Ang butter.”

Incheon is a huge, beautiful, and modern airport with a cute robot.

Guinsa is in the snowy mountains of South Korea.

A Seoul station... it’s kind of confusing.

The police look really friendly. Police stations are quite small, and there are funny figures at the entrance.

“I took a photo, and I got an illustration of some futuristic story. Busan, South Korea”

Homemade Korean dumplings

“Recently I went to South Korea to see my friends for 2 weeks. At the stand where they fill in arrival cards, I saw eyeglasses with different dioptric value for people with bad eyesight.”

Sakura blossoms here too.

A construction site in a small Korean town. They built a huge wall to protect the neighboring houses from dust and covered the cars with protective film.

“I went to a library in Seoul, South Korea that has over 50,000 books.”

“In South Korea, they put ice in the urinals.”

“This heated bench with a wireless charging pad for your phone at a bus stop in South Korea.”

Preview photo credit Alesig / Reddit
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