25 Unforgettable Flight Experiences That Just Had to Be Immediately Shared With Everyone

In everyday life, we rarely pay attention to the details of the world around us, but the situation changes as soon as we get on an aircraft. We’re outside our usual routine and, as a result, once on board, we’re ready to observe every little thing that happens. So sometimes, being in the air is even more of an experience than the destination itself.

“This bathroom on a plane had a window.”

“My assigned seat in the plane has 2 accessible windows.”

“I was on one of those ‘phantom flights’ today... It was eerie.”

“Rainbow cast around the plane’s shadow”

“Aurora borealis seen outside of a plane window.”

“This guy on my international flight was wearing a parachute.”

“The colors from everyone’s clothes reflected on the plane”

“The plane that I flew on did not have any livery (colors, logos, or branding).”

“Totally normal fog on my plane”

“The plane I am on has no row 13.”

“I got this Coca-Cola can on the plane that was ribbed at the top.”

“This guy on my flight to Chicago from Istanbul looking out the window from the aisle with binoculars.”

“This tiny Toblerone I had on a plane.”

“Business class plane food from the Netherlands — the salt and pepper shakers are a small pair of clogs.”

“In 2015, Mike Tyson was on the same commercial flight as me.”

“Plane I am traveling has two floors, below for economy and above for business / first.”

“Snake on the plane”

“Water container on plane”

“This guy bringing the cheer on my Christmas day flight”

“KLM flight crew asked if I was a DJ and then left me this chocolate and letter.”

“The craziest thing is that neither player took the center space.”

“Planes need to be taken out on a leash before they are allowed to fly.”

“The window on the right is the only one on the plane that closes by sliding upwards.”

“My wife and I had plane snacks that matched our books on our way to our honeymoon.”

“My crisp packet expanding due to the pressure difference whilst on a plane”

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