17 Curious Facts About Disney Princesses that Almost Everybody Missed

Many of us grew up watching cartoons both on TV and on the big screen, and the excitement of knowing that a new Disney movie was coming to theaters could leave us sleepless for days. Some of the most remembered and beloved films starred princesses, who have since been evolving and changing to adapt to the times.

1. Princesses who wear gloves were not born into royalty.

2. Very few princesses wear pants.

3. These 2 are the youngest and “oldest” princesses.

4. This Princess is based on a real person.

5. These 3 princesses don’t come with a prince.

6. There is only one princess who has brothers.

7. Belle reuses the same scene and dance steps as Sleeping Beauty.

8. The only princess with a job, who still works after becoming royalty, is this one.

9. When Disney announced the official Princess lineup, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan was included. A few years later, Disney removed her from the lineup.

10. Mulan is not a princess even though she is considered one.

11. Cinderella doesn’t just lose her shoe once, she loses it 3 times.

12. Many Disney Princesses, from Snow White to Cinderella to Elsa, wear blue. There is a theory that this color helps empower the princesses.

13. In Beauty and the Beast, Belle is the only person in her town to wear blue. This color of dress is also meant to symbolize her outsider status.

14. 2 of them have magical powers (Elsa and Rapunzel).

15. Rapunzel is the princess with the longest and also the shortest hair.

16. Pocahontas and Anna are the only princesses to fall in love twice.

17. We were able to see all the princesses together in their most modern version.

Which Disney movie is your favorite? What animated movies do you still share with your kids?

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