13 Iconic Book Characters Who Were Played by Different Actors and Actresses but We Don’t Know Who Was Better

People often have very opposite opinions about actors in book adaptations. Some don’t like it when the movie character looks different from the book description, and others, thanks to talented actors and actresses decide to read the book. Today, almost all popular novels have 2 or more movie adaptations, so we can compare several “versions” of the same character.

9 Celebrities Who Learned From Their Own Experience That Love Has No Gender

As Woody Allen once noted, “Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.” Being open to both opposite- and same-gender relationships not only increases your chances to find a date, but also gives you the freedom to not focus on gender but on the personality of a person.

10 Women Who Managed to Change the World for the Better, But Now People Hardly Remember Them

Almost 5 billion people in the world own a computer, but what you may not know is that there are 6 women behind the creation of the very first one. Unfortunately, like these 6 women, female inventors are often overlooked in history. Many of our daily household items have been invented by women, from hair straighteners to diapers, but we don’t even know it. Let’s change that.

12 Things We Use in a Completely Different Way Than the Inventors Came Up With

We don’t usually think about the things we use every single day. They seem so simple and familiar. And it’s really difficult to guess that there might be more than one way to use them. We decided to find out which everyday things we don’t use the way they were meant to be used. And the bonus answers the question of how to hang the toilet paper roll correctly.

11 Celebrity Siblings Who Managed to Achieve Success Without Being in the Spotlight

Many have the thought that their siblings are the only successful ones in the family and believe they are incapable of being like them, but in reality, that is not so, as we are all good at something. And if you don’t believe us, read on to discover that the siblings of certain celebrities were not left behind and were also able to have successful careers, either in other fields or for an entirely different audience.

Why More and More Actresses Are Refusing to Play Strong Women, and the Audience Supports Their Decision

The world of cinema, in its infancy, was not very favorable to women — they were paid less and often served only as a pretty face for the film. The situation has somewhat changed over the years, but it’s still mostly men who work as directors, screenwriters, and producers. Recently, in response to the changes taking place in society, strong female characters have started to appear on the screen. But sometimes, all they do is irritate viewers, as well as critics, and actresses are beginning to reject these roles.

Who is Julia Fox, the Woman Who’s Managed to Prove to the World That She’s More Than Just a Pretty Face

Julia Fox appeared in the movie Uncut Gems, took part in several fashion shows, and suddenly everyone was talking about her. She’s known for her unusual outfits, controversial statements, and is often the subject of internet memes. Her youth is surrounded by myths, and rumors constantly circulate about her current life, but Julia just finds this amusing. Although her name often pops up in the news, not many people seem to know who Fox really is.

16 Celebrities Who Started Their Acting Career in Pretty Young Age

It can take a long time to establish yourself as a great actor in Hollywood. So it’s easy to wonder how many of our favorite actors got their start. The answer is — a surprising amount of top Hollywood heavyweights started their acting careers as children, never knowing they would grow up to be famous. But with hard work, luck, and some star turns in our favorite movies, these actors found stardom young.

13 Facts About Artistic Swimming That Prove There’s More to This Sport Than Simply Creating a Stunning Show

Water sports, especially synchronized swimming or artistic swimming, require strength, flexibility, and a lot of endurance. As spectators, we see in a few minutes the final result of a whole training program, and we tend to overlook the long days of practice and perfecting techniques behind the show. There’s no doubt that when these athletes get in the pool, they can swim and move like true mermaids.

What 12 Ordinary Pieces of Furniture Looked Like in the Distant Past. Some Seemed to Us Completely Unrecognizable

The first “furniture” humans had were tree stumps, rocks, and mossy areas. Gradually people learned how to construct and make their own pieces of furniture. Ancient Egypt was a pioneer when it came to seating — producing the first chairs and stools. Later their knowledge was adopted by ancient Greece and ancient Rome who diversified interior items with thrones and couches.

14 Behind-The-Scenes Stories That Turned Out to Be More Intense Than the Plot Twists

Shooting films and TV series doesn’t always go smoothly. Despite the scripted feelings of their characters, the actors sometimes feel very differently about their partners on set, making the work process more complicated. Then there are also those stars who don’t tone down their creative nature outside the set, either, entertaining and sometimes infuriating their colleagues.

What the Children of 12 Iconic Singers Look Like and Do Now

Children of celebrities find themselves in the limelight since their birth no matter whether they want it or not. Ordinary people just want to know how they grow and what they do.

15 Times a Celebrity’s Outfit Contained a Hidden Message

When preparing for important events, celebrities pay a lot of attention to their appearance. The outfit should accentuate the celebrity’s merits and reflect the latest fashion trends. But sometimes clothes, make-up, and accessories don’t only serve as decoration, they also carry a hidden message. They are used by many to pay homage to people and events, to express support, or to show love for those dearest to them.

10 Actors Who Were Not Afraid to Lie to Get Their Dream Role

When applying for a job, we always want to put our best foot forward. Some candidates might even exaggerate their resumés to put themselves ahead of the competition. And Hollywood is no exception. There are several actors who wanted the role so bad, that they used little white lies to help them seal the deal.

6 Traits That We Inherit from Our Fathers

In biology class, we learned that we inherit 50% of our DNA from our mothers and 50% from our fathers. This biological fact, however, does not mean that each parent passes on an equal amount of physical characteristics and genetic characteristics to their child. In fact, children are 60% more likely to inherit active traits from their fathers simply because nature prefers to express those genes.

13 Common Myths that Scientists are Already Tired of Disproving

Exploring science might save the day. But often people pass off something as the ultimate truth when in reality it’s all just your run-of-the-mill myth. We have all heard and know almost all of them. And no matter how absurd they are we start to believe in them. Starting with the one about getting arthritis from cracking your knuckles and finishing with the one about each of us swallowing 8 spiders in our sleep every year.

10 Actors and Actresses Who Did Incredible Preparation Work Resulting in Outstanding Performances

High paychecks and the sought-after Oscar are not the only things that movie stars strive for. For many of them, conveying the depth of the characters they play to the audience is much more important. That’s why some actors and actresses go through serious preparation before filming.

20+ Facts to Help You Look the Smartest in Any Discussion

We are taught so many things at school, yet only a few of them really come in handy. Although the amount of material we learn by volume is large, we somehow miss the most interesting facts about our world. Luckily, there’s only one step from ignorance to knowledge. So roll up your sleeves and get ready for a quick brain boost.

12 Times Celebrities Needed Help From Their Assistants With Unexpected Things

Celebrities often have very busy schedules, so they usually hire people to help them cook, clean, and take care of their appointments. But some famous people went a step further and decided to assign members of their entourage much more unusual tasks. Some members of their team fulfill surprising roles that go beyond the usual responsibilities of a personal assistant.

12 Rare Physical Traits That Most People Don’t Have

Each person is unique; and although they all share certain characteristics that make them human, no face in the world is exactly the same as another. We are not only different from other species, but also from each other. Now, within these characteristics and traits that define human beings, some are infrequent, rare, and in some cases, extraordinary.