Jennifer Garner Had a Poor Childhood, but Her Parents Taught Her to Not Be Afraid of Following Her Dreams

Today, Jennifer Garner is known by many for her brilliant work in film and television. But there was a time when the actress had no idea that her career would be so successful. She lived in a small flat, worked part-time as a babysitter, and was happy that the modest payment for the occasional role allowed her to pay the bills. But Garner wasn’t embarrassed by the modest lifestyle because she was doing what she loved.

14 Actors Whose Debut Role Brought Them Fame Worldwide

Everyone knows that careers are individual journeys. Some take years to build, but sometimes people find success early. And it’s the same in Hollywood. Some actors get global attention for their first role in a film or TV show and then go on to have long careers afterward. They inspire us to work hard and be the best we can be, as it really can take just one lucky break for your life to change.

16 Famous Men That Destroyed Everything We Thought We Knew About Men’s Fashion

We’re used to thinking that men’s fashion is more conservative and less frivolous than women’s. But the famous guys we’ve collected in this article don’t agree. They easily turn the fashion world upside down, push the boundaries, and are not afraid of using the traditional elements of women’s fashion, so they are doing the same thing women did when they started wearing pants.

20+ Mysterious Items That Made People Rack Their Brains

We all sometimes come across objects that we can only guess the purpose of. In some cases, they may be devices used in a specific field, or by people in a specific profession, but sometimes we get stumped by pretty ordinary everyday items that we simply haven’t encountered before. Luckily, with the advent of the Internet and social media, solving such brainteasers has become much easier.

12 Ordinary Objects With Seemingly Trivial Features That Actually Have a Special Purpose

We often overlook small details on familiar objects, thinking they’re there just for aesthetic purposes. But the serrated edges on crackers, the indents on plastic milk bottles, and the different color bristles on toothbrushes didn’t come about by accident. It turns out that all these features have a special purpose that can make our lives easier. And some features, like the extra hole in the kitchen sink, can be used in a completely different way.

11 Tiny Details in Popular Movies and Series That Almost Everybody Missed

Film producers love sending hidden messages to their audience using little details. They can hide a story in the background of a scene or make the characters say things with other meanings. And here we are, digging deeper to understand that “secret language.”

10 Curious Facts That Show the World from a Different Perspective

The world is a big, wonderful place full of facts we never thought possible. For instance, if a pregnant mouse has a sudden medical issue, the fetus will send stem cells to heal the mother, increasing its chances of survival as well. Fetal stem cells have been found in human mothers as well, dubbed by science as microchimerism.

19 Weird Objects that Left People Confused

People occasionally stumble upon weird objects and are baffled as to what they are intended to be utilized for. However, you can always find experts online who can help you with this difficult process and establish the meaning of even the strangest objects. In this case, the members of the “What is this thing?” community on Reddit have come to solve these mysteries.

15 Pairs of Actors That Look Like They Were Born to Star in Movies Together

You could say some actors are just destined to work together. After all, casting directors hired them to be in the same movie or TV program multiple times, and their chemistry did not go unnoticed by fans either. When the 2 actors we know and love are working together again, you know it’s going to be a good show.

10+ Movie Clichés That Give Us the Wrong Idea of Ancient Greece

Although filmmakers are surrounded by numerous consultants who make sure the historical events in movies are accurate, they often still intentionally sacrifice the veracity of a flick for the sake of a thrilling plot or a more colorful picture. It all results in creating misunderstandings about certain events and epochs in the viewers’ minds. At the end of the article, we are going to tell you about the real appearance of Queen Olympias, whose image was (almost) perfectly portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

10 Etiquette Rules From the Past That Look Nothing But Weird Today

From childhood, we’ve been taught proper rules of behavior that exist in society. This science is called “etiquette.” And each epoch had its own version of etiquette. In Ancient Greece, for example, it was okay to have dinner lying down, and just 150 years ago, it was considered indecent to put your gloves on in the street.

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Have Been Friends for Almost 20 Years and Not Even Ben Affleck Can Get in the Way of That

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini have been friends for almost 20 years. In all this time, each of them has gone through their fair share of changes, but one thing remains the same: at any given moment, the actresses are ready to support each other through good times and bad. Jennifer and Leah know that true friends can tease each other endlessly, but they will never judge one another, or give away their innermost secrets.

7 Beauty Trends From Mayan Culture That We Still Follow

Each culture has its own standards of beauty and it was around the 3rd century, in the heyday of the Mayan civilization, that many of the beauty procedures we know and love today were invented. The Mayans are not only remembered for human sacrifices, but also for their devotion to beauty, and although these practices may seem extreme at first glance, we share similar trends today — just adapted to new standards.

13 Popular World Food Dishes That Were Actually Invented in the US

For centuries, migrants from different countries have flocked to the US in search of their American dream. They didn’t come alone, but brought with them the gastronomic traditions of their homeland, which they then adapted to local preferences. Thus, a good portion of dishes that we think of as belonging to cuisines of various countries are actually American in origin.

14 Mathematical Brainteasers That Will Put Your Intelligence to the Test

Most of us never approach a mathematical problem after high school or, at most, university. But sometimes it’s good to rack your brain and check if the knowledge you acquired in your younger years is still in there somewhere. That’s why we’ve compiled some problems that only seem simple at a glance.

15 Passengers Who Turned Idyllic Travel Into a Nightmare

Traveling on public transport is impossible without companions. And some of them are so annoying that you just want to finish the trip immediately and never leave home again. There are people you can ask to stop, but some are absolutely impenetrable and all you can do is just tolerate them.

12 Celebrities Who Are Ready To Do Almost Everything To Make Their Beloved Ones Smile

It’s always great to see when our partner or relative goes out of their way just to put a smile on our face. Often celebrities go the extra mile too to surprise their loved ones. And even if some of their gestures might seem over-the-top or extravagant, we cannot help but admire the lengths they go to.

11 Actors Who Almost Refused to Play Iconic Roles but Luckily Changed Their Minds

Sometimes the story of a movie’s creation is more fascinating than the movie itself. Some actors would agree to play a small part and become famous. While others would turn down a cool project and never get another chance to play in something like this. And there are actors who refused parts in movies, but then changed their minds and hit the jackpot.

Why Jennifer Aniston Feels Happier at 53 Than She Did When She Was Younger, and Why She Hates Social Media

It seems that Jennifer Aniston has always been on the bright side of life, sharing her smile with everyone around her. But recently, the actress revealed that there were a few dark periods in her life. After overcoming these hardships, pain, and insecurities, Jennifer finally learned to value herself and reveal her joys and sorrows to the world.

19 Pairs of Shoes from the Past that Make You Want to Ask “How Did You Wear Them?”

Some of the photos that you’ll see below will impress any fan of comfort trainers and soft loafers. It’s hard to imagine what wearing those weird shoes (whether wooden, metal, with spikes, bells, or with a huge platform) is like. The fashion of the times made people of the past wear truly strange footwear — check it out for yourself! But we like good footwear no less than Carrie Bradshaw loves Manolo Blahniks, and this article is our declaration of love for shoes.