12 Myths About Vikings That Television Made Us Believe

We tend to think that Vikings used to be huge, shaggy barbarians who spent their whole lives aboard a warship, making robbery raids and ruthlessly plundering peaceful settlements. However, according to researchers, this is not quite true. Besides, Vikings were so attractive that they broke the hearts of many women in overseas countries.

17 Artifacts That Prove Museums Are Full of Treasures

Many people tend to believe that a museum is a rather boring place, and they go there only if they really have to. But this is not true. Sometimes museum exhibitions can be fun, or can literally turn the things you know upside down.

15 Aviation Facts That May Surprise Even the Most Experienced Travelers

During the warm season, we really want to travel. And it’s really easy to do so— a couple of clicks and you have the plane ticket! And while you’re watching Netflix at 30,000 feet, a special sort of magic will happen in the cockpit.

We Found That 20+ Cartoon Characters Surprisingly Resemble the Actors Who Voiced Them

Cartoon characters often get the looks of the actors who voice them. Do you remember the fishes Oscar and Lola from the animated movie Shark Tale? Don’t you think they look exactly like Will Smith and Angelina Jolie?

10+ Difficult Scenes From Famous Movies Actors Don’t Even Want to Remember

Perhaps any actor can recall a scene that was especially difficult for them. There may be various reasons: for some, it’s difficult to make nude scenes, and others were physically hurt. The things we do for art...

15 Photos Which Prove That Princess Diana’s Life Was far From Easy

Diana rightfully earned the title of «The People’s Princess». It seems that in the 36 years she was given on Earth, she managed to make more people fall in love with her than the entire royal family. And even today, there’s a lot of controversy and discussion surrounding the late princess, and millions of people are interested in her fate. Now we know that in fact, her life, which, to us, may have seemed like a beautiful fairy tale, in reality was a true drama, and sadness often lurked behind her iconic smile.

11 Traits We Can Inherit Only From Our Mothers or Fathers

Many parents are eager to spend hours observing their children, trying to understand what they inherited from the mother, and what — from the father. It’s true, the appearance traits of our children (eye color, hair color, the shape of lips and nose) depend on the parents‘ genes. But it turns out that even such things as emotional stability and aggression can be inherited from generation to generation.

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Work of Art and a Scribble? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Easy)

The world of art is subjective, to say the least, and many people question the reputation that some pieces of art enjoy, arguably, so undeservedly. Indeed, some famous works of art can be hard to distinguish from a child’s doodles they might draw out of boredom. That’s why we’ve decided to give you a quiz in which you have to guess what’s in front of you — a child’s doodle or an art collector’s dream.

15+ Photos That Show How Our Daily Habits Have Changed in Recent Decades

Progress doesn’t stand still. It’s part of our human nature to strive for innovations that increase comfort and improve quality of life. Every day, new technology bursts into our lives, and familiar things gain new features and unexpected additions. But this hasn’t always been the case. It has taken scientists and engineers decades to perfect some of the inventions no one would think twice about today.

10+ Curious Facts About Ancient Egypt You Wouldn’t Learn at School

We tend to associate ancient Egypt with something distant and mysterious, and this is not surprising: mummies, pyramids, the Sphinx, the richest pharaohs and beautiful queens still captivate the minds of millions of people around the world. Most often, we draw information about the ancient Egyptians from movies and TV shows, so we’ve got a lot of fragmentary facts and myths associated with this historical period.

10 Ordinary Habits That Hurt our Health bit by bit Every Day

Every day, we wash our faces, brush our teeth, apply our favorite cream, and wear our favorite slippers. But few people realize that some of these actions may actually cause harm to our health. More than that, the effects do not appear right away, so we can’t even identify the cause.

The Harry Potter Books Quiz Even Hermione Might Fail at

Almost everyone has heard about The Boy Who Lived. But even if you are a Harry Potter fan, are you sure you know everything about the Wizarding World? So, we’ve prepared this challenging quiz to test your knowledge of Harry Potter books.

The History of Legendary Louboutin Shoes That Became Popular by Accident, Thanks to Ordinary Nail Polish

Even people that are not very interested in fashion have probably heard about Louboutin shoes and their most distinctive feature — red soles. They are worn by the Royal family members, stars on red carpet events, characters from very popular series and movies. This brand is truly iconic today. But few people know that this amazing success happened accidentally.

20 Photos That Explain Science Even Better Than Textbooks

To know our world better, you don’t have to read textbooks or watch documentaries. Some photos can tell more about science than a thousand words.

17+ Natural Wonders That People Were Lucky to See With Their Own Eyes

Everyone is familiar with that funny feeling you get when you just can’t believe your eyes. You might think you’re dreaming, but this can happen when you come across an amazing sight, like a rare natural phenomenon. It’s no dream; you are just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.