10+ Difficult Scenes From Famous Movies Actors Don’t Even Want to Remember

Perhaps any actor can recall a scene that was especially difficult for them. There may be various reasons: for some, it’s difficult to make nude scenes, and others were physically hurt. The things we do for art...

We at CHEERY decided to find out which movie episodes stars still don’t want to remember. And at the end of the article, you will find a bonus, proving that you should always stay vigilant on the movie set.

Renée Zellweger — Judy

After working on the biography Judy about the last year in like of of Judy Garland, Renée Zellweger said that she experienced true terror during the shooting. And was due to the difficult makeup. In order to look as similar to the character as possible, the actress had to wear a special nose cap and artificial teeth.

So, when they were doing the kiss scene between Renée and her movie partner Finn Wittrock, the actress saw that she lost a tip of her fake nose, and the glue it was held by, was on Finn’s face. This sight really shocked Zellweger, but it didn’t stop her from getting an Oscar for her role.

Jonathan Bailey — Bridgerton

The star of Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey recently remember one of the most awkward moments that happened to him when he was working on season 2. The thing was, costume designers chose clothes that were too tight for him during one of the fencing scenes.

This is what he says about it, "We were wearing plimsolls on quite a dewy morning on the grass and when I went in for my final lunge, my crotch ripped, and it was all on camera. It’s just one of those moments where you suddenly realize you’re being filmed by four different cameras and I just screamed, “This is so embarrassing!’”

Jonathan Bailey — Bridgerton

Another funny but awkward moment in Bridgerton happened during the shooting of the bathroom scene at the beginning of episode 5. The crew put a camera right between Jonathan Bailey’s legs. Now, he laughs when he talks about it, but at the time, he was clearly embarrassed, “There was actually a camera in the water between my legs looking back at me. So it was almost like a water birth”.

His adventures didn’t stop there. After work, the actor went to meet his friends and forgot to take off the thongs he used for the water scenes. At some point, Jonathan felt a big discomfort and realized he had made a mistake. He says he escaped the set too fast.

Taron Egerton — Kingsman: The Secret Service

In the film, there is a cool scene of flooding in a closed space — it was one of the challenges for the future spies. According to the director, the underwater scenes could have ended in a tragedy.

The water level was set by a computer, but there was a bug, so the actors instantly went 20 feet underwater, “Those actors weren’t acting, they were absolutely terrified. It was awful for the first day of filming.”

Emilia Clarke — Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones season 1, Daenerys did one thing that made a huge impression on her new husband, Khal Drogo. She ate a horse heart. The scene was stunning, but it wasn’t easy for Emilia Clarke. She says, she had to eat “around 28 hearts” made from gelatin that tasted like bleach and undercooked pasta.

Eventually, she used a spit bucket: “I was vomiting in it quite often” — she remembers. And aside from the awful taste, the hearts were really sticky, so Clarke was smeared in this unpleasant substance that was hard to wash off.

Uma Thurman — Kill Bill

During the shooting of Kill Bill, Uma Thruman got into a serious accident that ruined her friendship with director Quentin Tarantino for a long time. Uma asked him to put a stunt double into the car, but Quentin convinced her that everything would be fine, and she had nothing to worry about. The actress lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. She suffered a concussion and knee injuries.

Benedict Cumberbatch — The Imitation Game

According to Benedict Cumberbatch who portrayed the role of mathematician Alan Turing, the final scene of The Imitation Game was really difficult for him because of the emotions he was filled with. In the film, the character is accused of homosexuality, and he was offered either a prison sentence, or hormonal therapy. The actor said he started crying and he had a nervous breakdown.

Later, he explained, “Being an actor or a person that had grown incredibly fond of the character and thinking what he had suffered and how that had affected him.”

Lauren Cohan — The Walking Dead

The star of a popular zombie drama, Lauren Cohan, said in one of the interviews that she wanted to leave the show at some point because of a certain scene. Her character had to perform a C-section.

The actress approached her series partner Steven Yeun who portrayed her husband and said, “I have to leave the show. I don’t think I can do it. It affects you so deeply to the core to touch on... to dive into so much of this material.” But she pulled herself together and continued her work.

Emma Watson — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there was a scene where Hermione and Ron were destroying Voldemort’s horcrux in the water. It was a very difficult scene for Emma Watson because the conditions were extreme: it was in the water, and it was cold. Later, the actress said, “I hate to sound whiny, but it’s horrible. This has definitely been the most intense, grueling period of filmmaking I’ve ever done.”

Margot Robbie — The Wolf of Wall Street

In The Wolf of Wall Street, there is a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie were lying on the bed covered with money bills. It looked great, but it was a challenge for Margo, because she had a lot of scratches on her back. Maybe, if they were real dollars, it could have been avoided, but the fake ones had very sharp edges.

Emily Blunt — The Adjustment Bureau

In the sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau, Emily Blunt had to act as a ballet dancer. Unfortunately, one of the dance scenes didn’t end very well for the actress.

When she was answering a fan’s question about the most awkward things that’s ever happened to her on the set, Emily remembered how she fell on her face during a take and got a lot of bruises. Besides, she had a lot of injuries when working on that film.

Kurt Russel — The Hateful Eight

In the film, there is a scene where character Daisy is playing the guitar and then a bounty hunter portrayed by Kurt Russel snatches the instrument out of her hands and breaks it into pieces. It was a powerful scene, but the guitar the actor broke was a really valuable antique instrument that cost $40,000. It wasn’t a prop. Of course, the actor had no idea, and he was terribly sorry when he found out the truth. His colleagues said that his eyes literally filled with tears.

Charlize Theron — Æon Flux

Many Hollywood stars are proud of doing stunts themselves when they can. But sometimes, it can lead to very bad results. For example, the movie Æon Flux almost ended Charlize Theron’s career.

The actress decided to do a backflip on a platform wearing heels and landed on her neck. Fortunately, nothing bad happened, but Charlize said she was “a centimeter away from being completely paralyzed for the rest of my life.”

Bonus: Paul Mescal — Normal People

Fortunately, when you work on the set, not only bad things happen, but also some funny ones. So, actors can just laugh.

So, during the production of Normal People, there were a lot of fun but awkward moments. The lead actor, Paul Mescal, told about one of them. Once, there were shooting a scene and Paul with his partner Daisy Edgar-Jones were covered with special gel to imitate the sweat. At the end of shooting, when the actors separated, there was a certain sound that made Daisy and Paul laugh hysterically.

And the crew tried to preserve dignity and pretended that nothing happened.

Do you think you could do a scene you don’t like, or would you refuse to do it?

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