17+ Natural Wonders That People Were Lucky to See With Their Own Eyes

Everyone is familiar with that funny feeling you get when you just can’t believe your eyes. You might think you’re dreaming, but this can happen when you come across an amazing sight, like a rare natural phenomenon. It’s no dream; you are just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

At CHEERY, we put together photos from Internet users who managed to capture amazing and rare sights. And in the bonus section, you’ll find a rare photo of a hardboiled penguin egg.

“Bees decided to make a hive in between the window and the shutters.”

The coast of the Sea of Japan after a sharp cooling.

“There’s an apple on this apple.” Cute jokes in nature!

“This is my cat Matilda. Photo is not edited, these are her real eyes! The disorder has no name and hasn’t been observed in other cats as far as they know.”

“A giant plant in my back yard”

“I found a pink pineapple.”

“This cat I met today has Sauron’s eyes.”

The Syngnathidae family is the only case of male pregnancy in the animal world.

“Each of my hands has a different size, shape, and color.”

“Look at this cute, transparent butterfly!”

This cat suffers from a rare condition that causes muscles to grow excessively large.

A curly horse

“I found a two-headed turtle today.”

“My fossil rock, that doubles as a naturally made loud whistle. No joke, you blow into the hole and it whistles!”

“One of our barn kittens has both stripes and spots.”

The biggest flower in the world

“I forgot about a can of wolf brand chili in the back of my fridge, and the mold that has grown there looks like wolf hair.”

Bonus: Penguin egg whites turn clear when boiled.

Have you ever come across a rare natural phenomenon? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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