15+ Photos That Show How Our Daily Habits Have Changed in Recent Decades

Progress doesn’t stand still. It’s part of our human nature to strive for innovations that increase comfort and improve quality of life. Every day, new technology bursts into our lives, and familiar things gain new features and unexpected additions. But this hasn’t always been the case. It has taken scientists and engineers decades to perfect some of the inventions no one would think twice about today.

Here at CHEERY, we invite you to take a step back in time and see what daily life would have looked like all those years ago.

1. Rollerblading

East News, AA / ABACA / Abaca / East News

2. Going to the beach

akg-images / East News, White Label / East News

3. X-rays

4. Vacuuming

5. Traveling by plane

Jacques Rouchon / akg-images / East News, ©

6. Taking a phone call

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS / Science Photo Library / East News, ©

7. Getting a tattoo

akg-images / Paul Almasy / East News, Favorite / easyfotostock / East News

8. Blow-drying your hair

9. Deodorants

10. Sanitary pads

11. Manicures

12. Toothbrushes

13. Trains

14. Automobiles

© Unknown author / Wikimedia Commons, Bugatti via The Grosby Group / Grosby Group / East News

15. Irons

Wojtek Laski / East News, © stevepb / Pixabay

16. Razors

Heritage Art / Image State / East News, ©

17. Strollers

18. Toilets

19. Air conditioning

Which items from the past did you find the most interesting?

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