20+ Mysterious Items That Made People Rack Their Brains

We all sometimes come across objects that we can only guess the purpose of. In some cases, they may be devices used in a specific field, or by people in a specific profession, but sometimes we get stumped by pretty ordinary everyday items that we simply haven’t encountered before. Luckily, with the advent of the Internet and social media, solving such brainteasers has become much easier.

1. «Ceramic vessel with a handle, a spout, a filter, and a large opening.»

Answer: It’s a shaving scuttle.

2. «Woven bamboo object found in an antique shop in Kyoto, Japan. I believe the owner said it had something to do with tea. Does anyone know what this is?»

Answer: These are tiny mock versions of what they used to use on riversides to stop erosion. Now they’re mostly just decorations or hashi holders (chopstick holders).

3. «A clear glass cup with bumpy teeth inside the rim.»

Answer: It’s a perfection tumbler. The nubs around the inside keep the ice from hitting the drinker’s mustache or make-up.

4. «Anyone know what this oval glass dish was used for? It has a raised circle in the top left. The pen is next to it to indicate size.»

Answer: It’s a luncheon plate, and the circle is for holding a matching tea cup. Ladies used them at gatherings to hold a small sandwich and/or cookies plus a cup of tea or coffee when they were eating while not seated at a table.

5. «This thing came with the perfume gift set but I have no idea what’s supposed to be, it feels like it’s made of clay or something but there’s no description in the box or anything. Is it just a random trinket?»

Answer: It’s a perfume diffuser. You can spray your perfume on it, and it will absorb it and release the smell into the air.

6. «Weird purse made of metal and velvet with a cage inside of it, adjustable vent on one side & air holes on the side that pulls out.»

Answer: Vintage portable heater/ foot warmer.

7. «What is this knee wrapping belt I saw on an airplane?»

Answer: It’s a back support. It helps you to sit at a better posture to alleviate back pain. Keeps you from slouching.

8. «What are these things covering the spots where the screws would go in outlet covers, light switch plates, etc.?»

Answer: They’re key holders.

9. «Was found underneath a garage fridge. Made of two plastic pieces that lock together, and the bottom plastic piece has a flap at one end.»

Answer: It is the end part of a device called the Bugzooka. The bugs get sucked inside and can’t get out. Then you twist the pieces of that apart and empty the bug outdoors.

10. «What is this small metal „hook“ with leather straps attached?»

Answer: It’s an antique corn husker.

11. «I recently bought a flat and I found this thing in the dishwasher — random piece of ABS plastic with a curved and hinged clear blue section.»

Answer: It’s a fridge bottle rack.

12. «What is this clear object with tubes on the sides?»

Answer: It’s a dentist gas mask that fits over your nose for when you’re having dental work done.

13. «Found in the kitchen in a new apartment. Moveable tray with handles, two grooved slots, two hexagons. Weighs 12lbs, made of granite maybe? Pen for scale.»

Answer: It’s an inkwell.

14. «These 2 kitchen rail attachments, they slide or can be lifted off, probably aluminum, no branding, Scandinavia.»

Answer: It’s for holding recipe books.

15. «I received this for Christmas. Hollow metal tubes that swing around when you move it, and two plastic hooks.»

Answer: It’s a space saving multi-purpose trousers hanger.

16. “3-4 inch long plastic object stuck to multiple windows in new home. Found maybe 8 of these in the house, all about 5 ft up. The ’wing’ bits move to 90 degrees.”

Answer: These are safety locks to prevent sliding windows or doors from opening all the way. Basically it’s to prevent kids from opening the windows fully.

17. «1.5 inch diameter wire mesh dome with magnet on back. No visible wires or connections. Found stuck to underside of a desk in an office.»

Answer: It is a magnet holder for a desktop document holder for typing documents.

18. “White, six-pronged object given to me with a set of formal dinnerware. It is made of coated metal and is roughly the size of a toaster, albeit taller.”

Answer: It’s a drying rack for bottles or glasses.

19. «What are these matching nylon pouch things I found while cleaning out a junk drawer? They’re not exactly symmetrical and have openings on both ends with an adjustable plastic buckle on one side.»

Answer: It’s a dog muzzle.

20. «Tiny metal shoes attached to a nail or large pin, at least 50 years old.»

Answer: They are vintage Cracker Jack toys.

21. «Anyone know what this is? Gold ring with thin plastic. About 1 cm.»

Answer: Looks like the membrane from a kazoo.

Have you recently come across any objects that have made you rack your brain?

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