Who is Julia Fox, the Woman Who’s Managed to Prove to the World That She’s More Than Just a Pretty Face

Julia Fox appeared in the movie Uncut Gems, took part in several fashion shows, and suddenly everyone was talking about her. She’s known for her unusual outfits, controversial statements, and is often the subject of internet memes. Her youth is surrounded by myths, and rumors constantly circulate about her current life, but Julia just finds this amusing. Although her name often pops up in the news, not many people seem to know who Fox really is.

Julia was born in Italy but considers herself a New York girl.

Fox spent her early years in Italy. Her whole family lived in a studio flat, but she didn’t feel deprived. She recalls being surrounded by love and great food. When she was six, Julia and her father moved to New York. And when, as a teenager, she had to return to her home country, the girl wasn’t too happy about it. Fox had gotten used to a life of freedom in The Big Apple, she felt more independent and mature compared to her Italian peers.

She demonstrated her rebellious nature from youth.

Julia was a popular girl at school, but many people thought she was quite strange. She always preferred to play by her own rules, so whenever something odd happened at school, the first one everyone suspected was Fox.

She was often called to the principal’s office, but honestly, she usually brought it on herself. Once she brought a mouse to school, and another time she managed to take a door off its hinges. Even before finishing her studies, she was finding ways to make extra cash in various places, and all these activities were far from respectable.

At 23, Julia founded her own designer label.

When Julia and her friend Briana Andalore decided to launch a line of women’s clothing called Franziska Fox, they weren’t well-versed in all the intricacies of the business. Strangely enough, the company was a success and many celebrities wore their clothes. Eventually, Franziska Fox went out of business, but Fox doesn’t rule out relaunching the firm, especially since she and Briana are still working together, they’ve both matured and become more disciplined.

Later, she organized an exhibition and decided to take up photography.

Julia has always had a passion for fashion, but she quickly proved that her creativity is more versatile. In 2015 and 2016, Fox printed her own art photography books. And in 2017, she held an exhibition featuring some rather provocative artwork. Through drawings, photographs, installations, and collages, Fox tried to explore topics that society usually prefers not to address.

Fox had almost no acting experience when she was cast in Uncut Gems.

Julia never took acting lessons, but when she got her hands on the script for Uncut Gems, she just couldn’t refuse the role. Her character, Julia De Fiore, immediately felt familiar. Fox even asked the Safdie brothers if they had based the character on her.

It turned out that the character was fictional, but the directors offered the actress to share her own vision and help them develop it further. So, Julia rightfully calls herself the Safdie brothers’ muse. As a result, Fox’s work was highly praised, and she was nominated for Breakthrough Actor.

Julia made her own short film.

Working on the movie set fascinated Julia, so she decided to make her own film. As a result, she wrote the screenplay for the short Fantasy Girls and then directed it. The film is about difficult lives of teenage girls in Reno. She met her future protagonists on the streets of Reno and was delighted that her work allowed them to tell their complicated stories. In the future, Julia wants to undertake a few more similar projects and draw attention to some serious issues.

She’s always willing to laugh at herself.

Julia is often subject to internet memes. But this doesn’t offend her one bit. She appreciates the rich imagination and creativity that help ordinary people produce such funny yet truly high-quality pieces. When strangers watch her interviews and then create something completely new from video clips, it brings everyone together — Julia, the creators, and the rest of the audience. Fox believes that everyone should be able to laugh at themselves because, without that, life becomes a very complicated thing.

Fox isn’t afraid to speak out.

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Julia bravely makes very provocative remarks, which are hotly debated online. For example, she has made no secret of the fact that after giving birth to her son, she faced depression and parenthood initially seemed awful to her. Fox also believes that women have the right to pursue careers and work, and they don’t always have to put the child’s needs first.

She feels that many children don’t take their mothers’ professional achievements seriously. But that won’t be the case in Julia’s family. Fox also suggests teaching young children useful skills and teaching them how to help around the house from an early age. Of course, such ideas don’t resonate with everyone, so Julia often ends up facing a barrage of criticism.

She’s not afraid of growing older or having gray hair.

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Fox frankly admitted that she celebrated her 27th birthday in tears. Julia was terrified that she was approaching 30 and could no longer say of herself, “I’m in my early twenties.” But at some point, she got fed up with this race to stay young.

She no longer wants to use anti-aging products and believes that the aging process is beautiful. With each year, every woman becomes only more attractive. And Fox would rather see new wrinkles on her face than return to her younger years. To prove she meant what she said, the actress appeared at the CFDA Fashion Awards with gray roots, which were colored to match her eyebrows.

Now Fox is working on another film and is writing a book.

It seems that Julia Fox doesn’t stop even for a second. In March 2022, there were reports of Tony Kaye having invited the actress to appear in his new film, The Trainer. As she was familiar with the director’s previous work, Fox immediately agreed. The dark comedy is planned to be released in the near future.

Aside from this, Julia is currently writing a book. Initially, it was conceived as an autobiography, but the concept has since changed. Fox is reluctant to share details, as she doesn’t like to discuss unfinished projects. But she is sure that many people will find her work interesting.

Which one of Julia Fox’s looks do you like best?

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