11 Celebrity Siblings Who Managed to Achieve Success Without Being in the Spotlight

Many have the thought that their siblings are the only successful ones in the family and believe they are incapable of being like them, but in reality, that is not so, as we are all good at something. And if you don’t believe us, read on to discover that the siblings of certain celebrities were not left behind and were also able to have successful careers, either in other fields or for an entirely different audience.

1. Lynda Lopez, Jennifer Lopez’s sister and award-winning journalist

The American actress and singer of Puerto Rican descent is not the only celebrity in her family, as her younger sister, Lynda, also enjoys popularity, albeit on a smaller scale. Lynda is a well-known New York journalist who even won an Emmy in 2001 for her journalistic work. She also co-founded her sister’s audiovisual production company, Nuyorican Productions.

2. Doug Pitt, Brad Pitt’s brother and philanthropic businessman

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The actor is internationally recognized, but his brother, Douglas (whose real name is Jack Mitchell Pitt), is a notable name in the world of business and humanitarianism. He began his career in 1991 when he founded a technology company; he later sold part of the company but bought it back, and today, it’s known as the Pitt Technology Group.

He also owns the Pitt Development Group, a company specializing in medical offices that has properties in different US cities. On the philanthropy side, he was part of the board of directors of several charities, like Make a Wish and the Red Cross, and in 2008 he founded Care to Learn, a foundation focused on the food, hygiene, and health needs of low-income students so that they can perform better in school.

He even participated in several projects in Africa and was named Goodwill Ambassador in the Republic of Tanzania for his work.

3. Sami Hayek, Salma Hayek’s brother and famous furniture designer

In the Hayek family, a passion for art is not only found in Salma but in her younger brother, Sami, as he is also an artist — but not of acting, of design. He is a renowned furniture designer in the high society of Los Angeles; he has his own studio and, as he explained, works with Mexican artisans who make furniture that is sold all over the world, and the profits all go to them.

4. Antonia Kidman, Nicole Kidman’s sister and TV presenter

Maybe her name doesn’t ring a bell, but in her native Australia, Nicole’s younger sister is well-known. Antonia is also an actress, but of lesser stature, as she only worked on an Australian TV series, although she is also a producer and presenter of TV shows and has even authored 2 books.

5. Natali Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s sister and famous fashion designer

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Lady Gaga is not the only person in her family who is addicted to fashion. The singer’s younger sister, Natali Germanotta, studied fashion at Parsons School of Design. Presently, Germanotta works as a fashion designer and has founded the fashion label Topo Studio. She has designed for and styled Lady Gaga, including her spread in Harper’s Bazaar in 2014.

The popular singer often wears outfits from Topo Studio. At the 2022 Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga wore several old Hollywood glamour looks, including one designed by her sister Natali Germanotta.

6. Nicholas Cowell, Simon Cowell’s brother and millionaire real estate agent

The British entertainment businessman and feared judge of programs like The X Factor and American Idol is not the only successful member of his family, as his brother Nicholas also enjoys fortune, albeit a bit further from the spotlight.

Nicholas is a prominent real estate agent who has been working in the field since 1970. He bought his first real estate company in 1983, and today he is the director of the Cowell Group, one of the most important property companies in the United Kingdom.

7. Kayleen McAdams, Rachel McAdams’ sister and celebrity makeup artist

Starting to work in acting has not only been life-changing for the actress, but also for her younger sister, Kayleen, because she realized she could make a living from her passion, makeup, when she saw the makeup artists on her sister’s film sets.

Today, she is one of the most recognized makeup artists in Hollywood, as she works for the productions of well-known fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and InStyle, and many celebrities choose her for red carpets, like Sofia Vergara, Sadie Sink and Kristen Stewart, among many others.

8. Gemma Styles, sister of Harry Styles and writer, entrepreneur, and influencer

When the British singer and actor became a star, his sister did not stay in his shadow, as fans soon learned her name. Gemma became an influencer with 7 million followers on Instagram, and she has a podcast and a website where she talks about mental health, feminism, and sustainability to raise awareness. Her writing was published in recognized media, such as Teen Vogue and Glamour. She also has her own brand of sunglasses.

9. Anwar Hadid, brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid and professional model

The passion for modeling is not something that belongs only to the women of the Hadid family, but Bella and Gigi’s little brother is also taking his first steps in the industry, and they are his greatest teachers. “They tell me to be myself, have fun and focus on the expressions in the eyes,” Anwar said in an interview.

Anwar made his debut in 2016 alongside brands Moschino and Tommy Hilfiger, and he also worked for Hugo Boss. He currently has 4 million followers on Instagram.

10. Gesine Bullock, Sandra Bullock’s sister and famous pastry chef

Sandra Bullock’s younger sister is also known on American TV, but in the world of food, as she is a renowned pastry chef, a judge on food shows, and has her own show on the Discovery Plus channel. She is also a lawyer and vice president of Fortis Films, Sandra’s audiovisual production company.

11. Michael Cameron, brother of James Cameron, aerospace engineer, and stuntman

When the acclaimed director was shooting Titanic, he had a problem: the cameras could not withstand the water pressure when filming the underwater scenes exploring the wreckage. But he had the brilliant idea of hiring his brother, who is an aerospace engineer, to build remote-controlled cameras that would withstand the high pressure.

However, “Mike” is not only dedicated to that career, but he’s also made moves in the film world, but as part of the technical crew, and was even as a stuntman back in 1994. His brother again relied on his expertise in the documentary, Aliens of the Deep, where he was the driver of the underwater explorer who attempted to encounter the strangest creatures of the sea.

How many siblings do you have? What do they do?

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