A Retired Man Naps With Shelter Cats Every Day, and Thanks to That, He Raised $100,000

Retired teacher Terry Lauerman has loved cats ever since he was a child. When he retired, he decided to make his old dream come true and work with animals. He became a volunteer for Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, where he planned to take care of cats for several hours a day. But a certain habit quickly turned Lauerman into a star.

20 Animals That Changed So Much After a Haircut That They Hardly Recognize Themselves in the Mirror

It’s good to be a cat: you turn to one side — everyone admires you and you turn to the other side — everyone keeps admiring you. But then suddenly they take scissors and give you a “lion” cut, making sure to post the photos of the new you on the internet. All this leaves you sitting on the windowsill with the only bush of hair left at the end of your tail, pondering about the vicissitudes of fate.

An Older Dog, Who Had Been Waiting for 7 Years to Be Adopted, Has Finally Found a Forever Home

A 12-year-old dog named Mitch was taken to the Cashiers-Highland Humane Society in 2016, but was unable to find a home for seven years. Finally, in 2023, someone adopted him, giving him the love and care he deserved. Mitch is a treeing walker coonhound.

20+ Animals That Decided Who’s Boss, and It’s Definitely Not Humans

When people get pets, they immediately establish rules for them; for example, no climbing on the table, no chewing things, and being obedient and playful. However, not all pets want to follow these rules, and sometimes it seems like they are the ones in charge at home, not the humans. That’s why they do whatever they want. Cats are particularly good at this.

50 Occasions When People Encountered a Cute Pregnant Animal and Couldn’t Resist Capturing a Photo

Similar to humans, pregnancy brings about significant physical transformations in animals. Their expanding bellies become so noticeable that even their fur cannot conceal them. Our curiosity led us to explore the internet to see how pregnancy affects their appearance, and we were thrilled with what we discovered! Expectant mothers, from guinea pigs and squirrels to zebras and elephants, look charming and delightful, regardless of their species.We have compiled the most adorable ones, and we are now proud to present this list to brighten up your Monday. Enjoy!

19 Baby Animals Whose Charm Can Melt a Glacier

All babies, despite the species, size, and color, look so adorable that it’s hard to resist the urge to touch them. Some are plum, and others can be held on a palm. There are babies with fur, and others with scales, but any of them can win your heart over.

16 Animals That Changed Drastically Through Evolution

By training and being a naturalist at heart, Roman Uchytel’s drawings bring creatures that roamed our planet hundreds of thousands of years ago to life. His project, Prehistoric Fauna, is one of the first sources dedicated solely to the reconstruction of little-known prehistoric animals other than dinosaurs, becoming a guide to discovering the wonders of our past.

20+ Charming Tiny Animals That Stole Our Heart

The world’s tiniest mammal is Kitti’s hog-nosed bat, also known as the bumblebee bat, weighing less than 2 grams. This little animal would barely take up any space in your hand. While insects come tiny, it’s the smaller than usual animals that tend to make us gush. They may be small, but they come with such winsome looks, it’s enough to melt the coldest freeze.

18 Wild Animal Babies That Few People Have Seen This Small

We often get to meet a little kitten or cuddle a tiny puppy, and those who grew up on a farm probably know what a newborn piglet or calf looks like. But seeing a newly born wild animal is very rare. And yet among them, there are some extraordinary cuties that can steal your heart once and for all.

20+ Photos That Will Convince Anyone That the Bigger Dog, the More Love in the House

When you get a cute puppy, it is hard to imagine that in just one year, it will be a huge dog. Even the people that consciously choose dogs that are supposed to be big are often shocked by the transformation. Considering the size of the dog and the scale of the damage it can do, these owners need to have a ton of love and patience when it comes to their pets.

12 Wild Animals Facts That Are Crazier Than Anything You’ve Ever Known

In our biology lessons at school, many of us would lazily turn the pages and wait for the class to be over. And only when we grew up, did we realize that the world is a storehouse of discoveries, and nature is a wizard with a good sense of humor. Just look at the kissing rodents or at the koalas, which get lost when they see branches they hadn’t seen before.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You

According to surveys, 55% of pet owners said that they sleep in the same bed with their dogs and 31% — with their cats. For a long time, it was considered a bad idea, but modern scientific studies prove that this is nothing more than a misconception, and under certain conditions, it’s good for both animals and people.

18 Pets That Grew Up Together With Their Owners

When a new pet appears in a family — whether it’s a cat, dog, or anything else — it instantly becomes a new family member. And it’s great when they live a very long time with us, because after some time, it becomes impossible to imagine life without them.

21 Pets Who Were Born Unique, and Now Bring Joy to Their Owners Every Day

Very few people know that there is Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day. This day was established by the founder of MBJungle Foundation to bring awareness about pet birth defects and educate the public that this is not as scary as many of us tend to think. As a rule, many pets with congenital defects can live happy lives and become wonderful companions to their owners.

16 Facts About Wild Nature That Completely Changed Our View of It

There are over 7 million animal species in total on our planet. We have never seen most of them. But even the species we think we know well might still have some secrets. As it turns out, in some, milk oozes right from the sweat glands, others can fly backward, and some can even grow limbs.

20 Cats That Love Hiding So Much, They Could Be Ninjas

Pets often become full-fledged members of the family and they, just like children, don’t mind sparking-up a game of hide-and-seek. Some are very good at it, while others, not so much.

12 Pairs of Animals We Tend to Confuse All the Time

With all its diversity, nature often repeats itself. There are animals that seem to belong to different categories, yet look like twins. In fact, they often do belong to the same biological order or family! However, multiple millennia of evolution has divided them into different species. As a result, they have acquired different behavioral patterns and, if you look closely, physical details.

18 Special Cats That Don’t Look Ordinary, Which Makes Them Even More Charming

Not only people, but also animals can have special appearance features. Some have an unusual fur color, others — non-typical muzzle shape, and others — body structure. However it doesn’t make them less attractive, but on the contrary, even prettier.

19 Seemingly Ordinary Photos That Gave Us Egg-Sized Goosebumps

We get goosebumps on our bodies thanks to the pilomotor reflex: it’s when the tiny muscles of the hair follicles contract and the skin becomes bumpy. It happens when we are emotionally excited. The reasons may vary from actual danger to even what looks like danger.

20 Photos Which Prove That Some Vet Visits Can Be Better Than a Viral Video

Going to the vet might seem like a mundane chore. But sometimes, in addition to a healthy pet, you’ll take home a picture that is worth a thousand words. These can be really tempting to show off online, and that’s exactly what the Internet users from today’s compilation decided to do.