20 Animals That Changed So Much After a Haircut That They Hardly Recognize Themselves in the Mirror

It’s good to be a cat: you turn to one side — everyone admires you and you turn to the other side — everyone keeps admiring you. But then suddenly they take scissors and give you a “lion” cut, making sure to post the photos of the new you on the internet. All this leaves you sitting on the windowsill with the only bush of hair left at the end of your tail, pondering about the vicissitudes of fate.

“We groomed our cat because we got tired of his fur. Now I keep endlessly telling him that he is a handsome guy.”

And everyone around kept saying: What a cute little puppy!

When your haircut is perfect from head to paws:

Just like humans, some animals love to pose for pictures and get beautiful shots taken, while others hate it and end up with the funniest fails.

“Our neighbors groomed their cat today: from fluffy and big to this...”

“We took our doggie to a new groomer. Eventually, we brought home this creature and kept laughing at his new paws.”

“We groomed our cat, he got offended at everyone except me and has been sleeping in my bed for 3 days in a row.”

“I was told that the haircut would be done with a trimmer set on 3. I have never had to deal with this device so I agreed. Here is the dog I brought home...”

missblackrat / Pikabu

“Thank you! She’s got the best tail.”

“This is my friend’s cat. They removed her fur because of flea issues. They say she is offended now.”

an0ther / Pikabu

Many believe that a life without pets would be boring and monotonous. They brighten the most depressing day, and their love and devotion can melt even the iciest heart.

“Another case of ‘Woah, there’s a whole other dog under there!’”

“I wanna groom the rabbits like this but idk a grooming place that caters to rabbits. They only do dog grooming and sometimes cats.”

We believe what we see. But sometimes nature, perspective, or human subterfuge can fool our eyes, especially when it comes to photographs.

“We groomed our cat in May because he had so many dreadlocks. We thought he wouldn’t get cold because it was May but, thanks to the weather, the cat was freezing and now I have to warm him up in my jacket.”

No one can resist the charm of a dog or a cat, not even those who are strongly opposed to having an animal in the house. They are the ones that end up taking better care of their pet than anyone else in the family.

“My dog Oliver has a Batman chest after every grooming.”

When you are obsessed with braids:

“I had my cat groomed and afterward I found... a skeleton of another cat.”

aiko2008 / Pikabu

“My stepdad decided to groom the dog in his spare time.”

That very case when you go to the salon and ask them to slightly trim the ends... and they do it."

“3 pairs of hands, my panic, a bag of fur, and you can see the most velvet-like and the sweetest cat on earth.”

“They want to keep it long, so I had to get creative to keep his still-growing top knot out of his face.”

Looking at photos of funny cats and dogs is a very pleasant activity. But it is even more interesting to admire the images of young animals of different species. They can be so cute.

“Here’s my little gremlin before and after getting groomed. I like the ‘before’ more.”

Preview photo credit xxvintagevixenxx / Reddit
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