16 Animals We Should Always Follow With a Camera

Every pet owner has at least a billion photos of their pets. However, sometimes, they do such amazing things that people just can’t help but post a photo of them online.

We, at CHERRY, love seeing crazy things animals do, so we want to show you the most impressive examples we have found.

1. “This weirdo’s figured out that sitting here gets her the most pets from passers-by.”

2. “This was not merely a stretch. Hypatia sat like that for a minute or two.”

3. “Meet Smurfie. Just adopted this 12-year-old ex-stud living his best life now.”

4. “It’s confirmed. Two steps are definitely more comfy than a bed.”

5. “My cat, Panda, taking a whole dog bed for herself. The pups don’t know how to handle it.”

6. “Seriously. This is how he sits. All. The. Time”

7. “Just look how happy he is.”

8. “Who needs comfort when you have love?”

9. “The groceries have a bit of bite today.”

10. “She sits normal, but sleeps like this.”

11. “The anticipation of getting scritches vs. receiving scritches.”

12. “Derp and Milo punching on when I’m trying to work.”

13. “Just wanted a nice first picture with my new cat.”

14. “My MIL’s dog was being needy one morning and made this face.”

15. “Sometimes my lips get stuck on my teefs.”

16. “After carrying his bone normally for 5 minutes, he decided to carry it like this.”

What strange and amazing things do your pets do?

Preview photo credit Imperfectyourenot / Reddit
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