20+ Charming Tiny Animals That Stole Our Heart

The world’s tiniest mammal is Kitti’s hog-nosed bat, also known as the bumblebee bat, weighing less than 2 grams. This little animal would barely take up any space in your hand. While insects come tiny, it’s the smaller than usual animals that tend to make us gush. They may be small, but they come with such winsome looks, it’s enough to melt the coldest freeze.

1. This tiny snake is ready for boops.

2. A caterpillar saying, “Hi!”

3. “I cannot believe these ’hedgehog teefs.’”

4. “My wife found these baby birds inside her work, seeking refuge from the heat wave.”

5. It’s amazing to see that geckos come that tiny.

6. 15-day-old parrot.

7. “I found a small gardening helper today.”

8. “5-day-old hedgehogs.”

9. “This is Scruffy, the sweetest hamster I’ve ever met.”

10. Never knew chameleons could be this adorable.

11. “My baby dormouse has grown so much since last week.”

12. No one can be scared of this spider.

13. “Baby Lumpsucker is the worst name for the cutest little fish I’ve ever seen.”

14. “This baby grasshopper army in my friend’s garden.”

15. Not all crabs make good dinners.

16. A newly hatched baby snapping turtle.

17. “Baby deer so tiny.”

18. “A teeny-tiny snail I found in my cat’s fur.”

19. “A dwarf miniature horse I met yesterday.”

20. This tiny bat loves to snuggle.

21. “A tiny baby hummingbird drinking nectar from a raspberry.”

22. 3-day-old guinea pig.

23. Very young baby Bearded Dragon.

What are the tiniest creatures you’ve come across that stole your heart? Share your surprisingly small finds with us.

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