19 Baby Animals Whose Charm Can Melt a Glacier

All babies, despite the species, size, and color, look so adorable that it’s hard to resist the urge to touch them. Some are plum, and others can be held on a palm. There are babies with fur, and others with scales, but any of them can win your heart over.

1. “Gander at this sassy baby woodchuck”

2. “2-week birthday for the bunwursts”

3. “Baby fox squirrels”

4. “Here is a picture of one of my snakes. A baby”

5. “This baby hedgehog with bandages”

6. “Day one of keeping this baby Cuban tree frog because he has a cut and is invasive.”

7. “Found this little guy at work today”

8. “Two newly born polar bears”

imago stock&people/EAST NEWS

9. “Raising baby trash pandas for work”

10. “Same, baby chipmunk, same”

11. “A baby spider monkey named Estela”


12. “Little Joey at the NYE party in the outback, Australia”

13. “A newborn Mexican wolf pup”

AP/East News

14. “My dad rescued a baby possum. Look at the sweet face”

15. “Hyena baby looks like a little bear cub.”

16. “This is Ripley. I found her on the sidewalk. She’s about the size of a grapefruit.”

17. “Two baby squirrels fell out of my neighbors’ tree when I was working in the yard. I put them in a safe spot nearby.”

18. “Baby meerkat feels comfortable in the palm of my hand.”

19. “Have a baby squirrel in a tiny sock sweater”

Tell us which of these little babies is your absolute favorite.

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