20+ Animals That Decided Who’s Boss, and It’s Definitely Not Humans

When people get pets, they immediately establish rules for them; for example, no climbing on the table, no chewing things, and being obedient and playful. However, not all pets want to follow these rules, and sometimes it seems like they are the ones in charge at home, not the humans. That’s why they do whatever they want. Cats are particularly good at this.

“I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with this cat on my lap. I have three cats, but this isn’t one of them.”

“My partner walked from our bathroom like this.”

“My daughter just trying to do her math homework.”

“It’s a look we see many times a day.”

“Moved him — he went right back.”

«I turned my back for 10 seconds...»

“Today his intrusive thoughts won after 2 years of fighting the urge to jump in.”

“I might need a new toothbrush.”

“She could sit anywhere! And in fact had two cat beds, two seats, a couch, and a window ledge to sit on just in that one room!”

«Ruby stew, anyone?»

“Walked into a pitch dark kitchen at 1 AM, this is what I found when I opened the fridge.”

“My mom texted me this picture saying she ’caught’ my cat doing this. We’ve never seen her do this before.”

“Her bed was put on the chair while we were sweeping. 4 hours later, she won’t move and growls when we come close.”

“My cat Miso likes the dishwasher and wants you to know.”

“Our cat learned how to get on top of the cabinets.”


“Woke up to this guy sitting on my chest.”

“Jerry still thinks that he’s a lap-dog.”

“Well, hello.”

“20 minutes after getting home from the shelter, and he’s already claimed my side of the bed.”

“As soon as I get up, she steals my chair.”

«Do you mind if I sit on some napkins?»

«Oh I’m sorry, were you reading this?»

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