18 Wild Animal Babies That Few People Have Seen This Small

We often get to meet a little kitten or cuddle a tiny puppy, and those who grew up on a farm probably know what a newborn piglet or calf looks like. But seeing a newly born wild animal is very rare. And yet among them, there are some extraordinary cuties that can steal your heart once and for all.

1. “Look at this sweet baby squirrel we saved today”

2. “Cutest baby sloth”


3. “Just a tiny polar bear on relaxing treatments”


4. “Little aardvark looks like a cute alien”

Words by Paul Andrews, NEWS

5. “He’s just a little guy.”

6. “Some lil’ babies I hatched out this year. They’re leopard geckos.”

7. “Fetal sleep position of a baby rat”

8. “The little baby mouse”

9. “This little guy found some water drops on my hand.”

10. “It’s not as cuddly and soft as others but found this little one on my cauliflower.”

11. “I found a baby snapping turtle in my garage.”

12. “Baby porcupine eating a peony on my peony farm in Alaska.”

13. “Newly born baby rabbit”

14. “Baby micro squirrel. We had 8 babies born this last month. The cutest little rodents ever. So sweet and docile”

15. “Juvenile brown basilisk

16. “Babies from this summer. They are my little ninjas.”

17. “Tiny newborn hedgehog”

18. “Newborn pandas look exactly like this.”

What’s the most unusual animal baby you’ve ever seen?

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