50 Occasions When People Encountered a Cute Pregnant Animal and Couldn’t Resist Capturing a Photo

Similar to humans, pregnancy brings about significant physical transformations in animals. Their expanding bellies become so noticeable that even their fur cannot conceal them.

Our curiosity led us to explore the internet to see how pregnancy affects their appearance, and we were thrilled with what we discovered! Expectant mothers, from guinea pigs and squirrels to zebras and elephants, look charming and delightful, regardless of their species.

We have compiled the most adorable ones, and we are now proud to present this list to brighten up your Monday. Enjoy!

This Mama Seal Just Cooled Off In The Alsea Bay

This is too cute

Saw A Pregnant Squirrel For The First Time Today. I’m Not Sure What I Expected But This Exceeds All Of It

Eating Healthy Is An Essential Part Of Being Pregnant

Pregnant Gemini

Pregnant Lizard On Bathroom Window

As cute as these pregnant animals may seem, it’s important to consider the option of sterilizing your pet. Doing so not only helps combat the pet homelessness crisis, as millions of healthy dogs and cats are put down each year due to a lack of available homes, but also provides numerous health and behavioral benefits.

She’s Only Days Away From Having Her Calf

She’s Over This Pregnancy

Maternity Shoot For My Pregnant Foster Dog

Very cute with her chain of pears around the neck

Pregnant Goat Units

Pregnant Guinea Pig

Horse’s Maternity

Pregnant Leopard Resting At Karnataka Forest

Spaying and neutering your pets have numerous health and behavior benefits. By spaying your female pet, you can help ensure she leads a longer, healthier life. This procedure prevents uterine infections and significantly reduces the likelihood of developing malignant breast tumors in dogs (by 50%) and cats (by 90%) if done before the first heat. On the other hand, neutering your male pet helps prevent testicular cancer and prostate issues.

8.5 Weeks Pregnant Mamma Cat

So My Brother’s Dog Is Pregnant And This Is How She Sleeps

Babies Are Coming

Pregnant Zebra At Masai Mara National Park

Baby Cheetah Is Coming

We Thought We Had A Couple Of Months, But The Vet Told Us Today That We Will Have A New Baby Donkey In The Next Few Days

Next, let’s discuss the behavioral benefits of spaying and neutering your pets. By spaying your female pet, she will no longer go into heat. For example, feline females typically go into heat every three weeks for four to five days during the breeding season. During this time, they may yowl and urinate more frequently, sometimes even inside the house, in their efforts to attract mates.

Pregnant Ferret

My Friend Caught Her Very Pregnant Cat Sitting Like This

My Pregnant Dalmatian Molly

Pregnant Zebra, Masai Mara, Kenya

My Friend’s Pregnant Goat

We Got To Witness A Giraffe In Labor On The Safari At Animal Kingdom

On the other hand, neutering your male pet can reduce his likelihood of roaming from home. An unneutered male may be driven to find a mate, even if it means escaping and putting himself in danger from traffic or fights with other animals. Furthermore, neutered pets are less likely to mark their territory by spraying urine inside the house. Neutering may also decrease humping behavior towards other dogs, people, or objects and can prevent certain forms of aggression.

Our Firstborn Is All Grown Up And Soon To Become A Mummy Too

The last picture!

Pregnant Stray Followed Me Home. I Guess Now I’ll Have Grandkittens

A Pregnant Black Rhino About 20m From Our Car

This Pregnant Hairless Cat Is 300% Done, She Can’t Even

If you’re considering becoming a pet parent, it’s important to prepare your home for your new furry friend. Shauna Spooner, a vet nurse at PDSA, advises creating a calm environment for your pet’s arrival. New places can be frightening for pets, so a calming plug-in diffuser or a peaceful setting can help them feel less stressed. Spooner suggests, «Think about how your pet might feel in a new environment and try to make their transition as smooth as possible.»

Elephants Experience the Longest Pregnancy Duration Among All Living Mammals — Pregnancies Last Between 18 to 22 Months

I’m Fostering A Very Pregnant Cat. There Are Five Kittens In There

My Dog Is Pregnant And She’s So Round I’m Losing It

Pregnant Meerkat

«Give them an area that is theirs,» advises the vet nurse. «It’s important to make sure they have somewhere they can go to be alone if they need to.» She suggests setting up a den with a familiar blanket or toy to provide comfort for your pet.

«Even if a pet has been previously house trained, having a few accidents in their new environment is to be expected,» she says. «Don’t get angry with them as this will make them feel confused and even more worried.»

A Big-Belly Seahorse Relaxes In The Evening Sun

The nipples!

Circle squirrel

Our Male Weedy Sea Dragon During Pregnancy

I’ve Got A Pregnant Shrimp On My Hands, Folks

Portrait of a goat that’s done with being pregnant

Friends Have A Pregnant Raccoon Ready To Give Birth Any Time Soon. Not Their Pet, But A Resident Of Their Deck

«If you plan to give your new pet freedom to explore your home some or all of the time, introduce them to it slowly,» says Spooner. «Your pet will need time to relax and settle in, so limit them to one or two rooms at a time. Take it slowly and give them time to get used to everything.»

Pets thrive on routine, so establishing a schedule as soon as possible is important. «The sooner you do this, the sooner your pet will settle in,» says Spooner. «Try to feed them around the same time every day and keep to a regular exercise regime.»

Finally, keep your pet indoors, especially at the beginning. According to Spooner, «With cats, for example, you will need to keep them indoors for around six weeks to give them a chance to settle in and get used to the house.»

For Those Who Haven’t Seen A Pregnant Groundhog

My Favorite Lady Lazing Around Until Someone Pets Her Pregnant Belly

This Lady Is Very Pregnant, I Feed Her Every Morning

It Was Fun At First But I Need This To End Now

We’re Gonna Need A Lot More Pickles, Ice Cream, And In-N-Out Burgers

This Rat Getting An Ultrasound

Y’all Ever Seen A Pregnant Chameleon?

Mojo Is So Done With This Whole Pregnant Thing

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