11 Practical Tips on Color Psychology That Will Help You to Always Be on Top of the World

For many people, it can be hard to decide what to wear on different occasions, like a job interview, a corporate party, or a first date. The most popular approach is to wear something that looks best on you. But it’s not always the optimal choice because sometimes the secret is to choose colors that will convey a certain message to other people.

“My Child Wants to Sit by the Window.” I Paid for a Comfy Seat on the Plane and Refused to Swap With Another Passenger

A long flight is not a pleasant experience, especially when it happens to be at night and the passengers are faced with the task of sleeping in a seated position. This can be made easier by buying a business class ticket or paying a little more for a seat with extra legroom. The protagonist of today’s article chose the latter option, but when she walked into the cabin, she found that her seat was occupied by a teenager whose mother insisted that she should swap seats with her son.

I Tested 12 Quick Methods of Coping With Anxiety

Everyone knows what it’s like to experience a stressful situation. My name is Maria, and I often get nervous when I have to make phone calls to strangers, hold video conferences on the Internet, or deal with conflicts at work or at home. Anything like that puts me in a state close to a panic attack, with my heart pounding in my chest and all my thoughts flying right out the window. So I decided to look into whether there are ways to calm down quickly, and how well they work.

18 People Share Helpful Psychological Tricks For Everyday Life

It takes so many years to realize that the simplest things can be solved with a snap of your fingers. Luckily, there are a lot of people who share their daily observations and thus shorten our path to wisdom. Just 5 minutes of surfing the web can provide you with the experience of a 70-year-old.

Therapist Is Making an Effort to Shed Light for Parents by Sharing What She Has Heard from Teenagers and Kids

Being a parent reveals hidden challenges in raising a child. Good parents prioritize their child’s mental health in addition to physical well-being. Communication and treatment are crucial for their welfare, as parents face various fears and anxieties. Although traumatic experiences can’t always be prevented, it’s important to remember all parents make mistakes.

7 Things That Prevent You From Sleeping Like a Baby

Many of us are familiar with the annoying feeling of tossing and turning at night. While getting enough sleep is absolutely vital for your health and overall wellbeing, many people find it challenging to fall asleep fast and wake up feeling recharged. As it turns out, saying no to a cup of coffee late at night might not be enough, and some of our seemingly innocent habits might be preventing us from getting a good night’s sleep.

Why Gwyneth Paltrow Is Still Friends With All Her Exes, and Why Her Current Husband Is Happy About It

Gwyneth Paltrow often shares photos on Instagram of her with her ex-husband Chris Martin. The couple divorced back in 2016, but never even thought to break contact. They regularly get together at the same table with their new partners and spend time together with their kids.If you think that the only reason for such a sensible separation was the ex-spouses’ desire to not traumatize their daughter and son, you’re deeply mistaken. Years ago, Paltrow learned the art of “conscious uncoupling,” and today she’s ready to teach others by her example.

Why Do Men Also Get Reminded That “The Clock Is Ticking?” Even Celebrities Haven’t Escaped This Fate

Many young men who don’t yet have a family or children often get questioned about their personal lives and about when they will finally settle down. An example of how society nonchalantly hints that when approaching 40 it’s time to become a father, can be seen in the conversation between journalists and the star of one of the Spider-Man films, Andrew Garfield.

How Billie Eilish Tried to Lose Weight Since the Age of 12 and Called Her Body “My Ugly Friend,” but Later Found a Way to Love Herself

Around 2% of people suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, which means they can’t accept their appearance. Stars have a high chance of developing such a disorder because their appearance is constantly discussed and criticized in the media. 20-year-old Billie Eilish knows what this is like from her own experience. The Grammy and Oscar winner has considered her body an enemy since the age of 11. But it seems that everything has changed for her this year.

13 Important Things to Discuss With Your Partner Before Having a Baby

The decision to give life to a new person is a very responsible step. For this reason, many couples try to ask each other questions beforehand, which can be a hurdle during the baby’s first months of life, and while they’re growing up. For example, it can easily turn out that one of the parents wants their child to study music, while the other thinks that nothing is better for children’s development than sports.

14 Celebrities Who Still Feel Insecure, but They’ve Found a Way to Cope With It

Anyone can feel insecure and think that all their achievements are just a coincidence. It’s interesting that some celebrities can also feel insecure. Neither fame nor big earnings can save them from feeling anxious and unsatisfied. But these celebrities have found a way to cope with their insecurities. And Jodie Foster actually believes that these emotions are the secret of her success.

12 Simple Things That Treacherously Push Us Towards Needless Spending

We often promise ourselves, before doing the weekly shopping, to only buy the things we need and strictly stick to the shopping list. However, we still end up coming home with much more. Often people spend extra money thanks to successful marketing. But other factors, such as drinks or weather, can also influence our impulsive behavior. Luckily, unnecessary spending can be prevented.

We Found Out How Parents Deal With the Start of the School Year, and Here Are Some Tips on How to Support Children

Separation from one’s parents is a natural step of growing up. This is how kids become independent. Going to school is one of the separation periods. It’s what leads to the personal growth and development of the child. During moments like these, it’s important to support the child, and help them adapt to these important and necessary life changes.

People Honestly Told Why They Think Loneliness is the Best Choice

There is an opinion that says single people feel loneliness more intensely before the holidays. But is this feeling really that bad? We might be able to learn about our own needs and desires and accomplish our own ambitious goals and reach them when we are alone.

Scientists Found Out Till What age It’s Okay to Sleep in the Same bed With Kids and What It may Lead To

Around 25% of Chinese, 47% of Brazilian, and 30% of Italian parents sleep in the same bed with their school-aged kids. Is it good or bad? Psychologists, sociologists, and scientists around the entire world are trying to find the answer and understand what such a habit might lead to.

15 Famous Women Who Encourage People to Accept Themselves as They Are

We all look different and live different lives. But we all have wrinkles, weight fluctuations, scars, stretch marks, and dark spots. They are normal but we used to be ashamed of these natural things due to unrealistic beauty standards.

12 Reasons why Grandmothers and Grandchildren Are Often Closer Than Parents and Kids

Many parents notice that grandparents are often more lenient to their grandchildren, allowing them to do things they didn’t let their own kids do. Moms and dads are annoyed by such behavior because older relatives violate parents’ rules and may even spoil the kids.

11 Little Tricks That Will Help You Make Your Children Truly Happy

The happiness of their children is important to all parents, and it’s even more important than their health and achievements. This is why when a child is sad or confused, moms and dads try to raise their kid’s spirits as soon as possible. But sometimes it’s not that easy to cheer a child up.

Why We Choose Wrong Partners Sometimes, and How to Change This

Each of us has been through a bad romance. Sometimes the reason of a breakup can be certain character traits of one of the partners which lead to an abusive relationship. But if a person repeatedly gets involved in a similar relationship, it’s something to think about. Because we have to figure out the reasons why we tend to choose people who bring us so many problems.

14 Things It’s Time We Stopped Apologizing For

It seems that the ability to take responsibility for our actions, deal with guilt, and apologize is what makes us adults. But in some situations, apologies don’t help, but actually can make the situation worse. Such apologies may offend other people and make us look bad in front of strangers.