14 Things You Should Never Buy Used, Even if They’re Really Cheap

Buying used things doesn’t only help keep the budget in check, but it’s also good for the environment. However, there are some goods that you shouldn’t buy if they are used. It might lead to substantial financial investments, and harm your health.

We at CHEERY decided to find out what things you shouldn’t buy used.

Booster seats.

Booster seats have a service life of around 6 years. The heatwaves and cold affect the construction, and there might be microcracks you can’t see. These defects make the effectiveness of booster seats lower in case of emergency.

Even if the owner is sure the seat was never in a car accident, and you can’t see any visible damage, it’s not a guarantee the booster seat is safe.


When you buy used perfumes, there’s a chance that they are counterfeit. Because it’s been used, it’s hard to know if it’s original or not. Fake perfumes may contain dangerous organisms that may be harmful to you.

Smart home devices

If a smart home device had been linked to another account, the new user might have problems with using it safely. Besides, criminals might sell a hacked or infected device to get access to personal data.

It’s better not to buy such devices from people you don’t know, or there’s a risk of fraud. Selling used devices is not a good idea, either, because they might contain confidential information about the previous owner.

Washing machines

Old models cost way less, but they need more power and water. So, long term, it may cost you more.

Besides, used washing machines don’t usually have a warranty, so all the repair work will be on you. Finally, these appliances may contain dangerous bacteria.


Buying a used boiler has certain risks. People rarely sell expensive appliances, unless there is something wrong with them. And you can only see all the pros and cons after you install it.

Also, installing the boiler is not cheap. If you have to change it or fix it afterward, you’re not saving any money. Besides, the boiler has to comply with the safety standards in your neighborhood, so you can’t just buy any boiler.

Video games

Buying used video games may also be dangerous. The companies who produce them don’t like the fact that people resell them, because they can’t profit from them. So, installing such games may lead to the console being blocked. And sometimes, such games may even break the device.

Electric scooters

Even though electric scooters tend to be quite expensive, don’t buy them used. It’s hard to know how many owners a scooter had. And if the previous owners weren’t very careful, some parts may need to be replaced. Besides, after a certain time, scooters need new batteries, which will cost you.

Baby monitors

Don’t buy such devices if they had been used by a different family. It may be hard to change the settings or get rid of the previous profile, so a used baby monitor may be hacked from a different account, and the video may be accessible to third parties.

Waterproof clothes

Over time, the chemicals that create a waterproof layer on the fabric disappear. So, when you buy a raincoat or a ski jacket, put some water on the surface to check whether the protective layer is still there. There are companies that restore waterproof properties, but their services are not cheap. So, buying a new piece of clothing may be the right solution.

Bicycle and ski helmets

Bicycle and ski helmets also have a life expectancy. It’s usually from 2 to 5 years, depending on the materials. Changes in temperature and other factors affect the structure of the helmet. So, even if it was sitting on the shelf for 5 years, it’s better to throw it away. Such helmets are dangerous for children and adults.

Just like airbags, these helmets become useless after any incident. Even a light hit or a deep scratch makes the helmet completely useless.

Old plastic toys

According to a study, some old plastic toys may contain chemical compounds, dangerous to your health. And some of them were considered safe when they were made, but over the years, the chemical builds up. So, it’s better not to buy toys from the 70s or the 80s.

Digital cameras

Don’t buy used cameras online. They have a certain life expectancy that is calculated by the number of shots, taken by the device. You can only check that in person.

If a camera is stored improperly, there might be dust, dirt, and fungus inside that will quickly break down the device. The sensor might have some burned-in images. So, before buying a device, take some test shots and check the photos, looking for any sort of spots, or lines on them.

Breast pumps

Ordinary breast pumps are meant for individual use. Because of how it’s made, there’s no way to sterilize it properly, so there will be some leftover germs. If a mom buys a used breast pump, there’s a risk of infecting herself and the baby.

Mats for dogs and houses for cats.

You can buy used items, such as carriers and metal bowls. Just disinfect them properly before using them. But beds and houses are potentially dangerous for the animals.

You can’t really sterilize them. And there’s a chance there are fleas and dangerous germs on them. Treating your pet will cost a lot of money. Besides, there is an additional issue with cat houses and trees. If a cat feels the scent of a different animal, it might get nervous and not use it at all.

Do you buy used things or do you prefer buying brand new ones?

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