16 Photos That Show What is Hiding Inside Ordinary Objects

It seems that an ordinary pregnancy test, Rubik’s Cube, or elevator shaft can’t hide any secrets. Despite the fact that we use many items every day, we rarely think about how exactly they work.

“Opened up a lighter and there was just another lighter inside.”

“Inside this USB drive there is just an SD card.”

“Accidentally broke a corn skewer and found it’s just a nail inside.”

Some people go even further to satisfy their curiosity and end up performing scientific experiments.

“What the inside of a gas pump looks like.”

Inside a Rubik’s Cube

“My toothbrush without the case”

There is no need to open objects in order to discover some unique features about them.

Inside a lighthouse

“My friend’s sewing machine broke, so she took it apart and fixed it. Fortunately she snapped this awesome cutaway image in the process.”

This is what’s inside the McDonald’s self-serve kiosk looks like.

Every parent knows that children also help to make a lot of discoveries in everyday life.

A brick chimney looks like an unknown space phenomenon inside.

“I took part in fixing the elevator. This is how the elevator shaft looks.”

Sometimes a simple photo collage can tell more about the history of a place than any textbook.

The other side of a fast food soda fountain.

Inside a light bulb

This is what a water heater looks like after 6 years of service.

Inside the turbine pit at a hydroelectric power plant.

Sometimes just walking outdoors can surprise us with lots of wonders.

This is an egg without a shell.

Preview photo credit clumsyinsomniac / Reddit
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