20+ Photos Proving you Will Never Be Bored with Someone who Loves Science

Science can definitely intrigue even the people who fell asleep during physics lessons at school, or called their classmates “nerds.” Now we know this: when these “nerds” speak about their passion creatively and in a simple language, it’s easy to fall in love with science.

We at CHEERY decided to remind our readers that it’s impossible to feel bored when you are around someone who is interested in science.

1. “Soaked some copper earrings in vinegar with salt to clean them and the salt crystallized.”

2. “I always wear some clear nail polish that strongly fluoresces. When I’m outside, and I see some blue on my thumb, I know that the UV index is high, and it’s sunscreen time.”

3. When you love science and jokes!

4. This is what happens when chip bags are transported 7,000+ feet above their original location.

5. Beauty of copper.

6. «This heirloom tomato slice looks like a brain scan.»

7. «I learned today that my school’s new science and technology building has thermochromic tables.»

8. «Left a sunflower to dry in a cookbook, it ate the pages.»

9. “Palm print of an 8-year-old in nutrient medium after the 8-year-old had played outside.”

10. “Experiment: daylight vs. daylight + 6 hours of LED lamp. Less light = taller because the plant is desperate to get more light. Deeper green leaf color on the right.”

“Both were tasty. We also did a blind taste test with pure cress. The one with the added LED had a more intense flavor. It was sharper and spicier.”

11. “The christmas tree my science teacher made.”

12. «I grew this black crystal from scrap copper and vinegar. It took me 2 months.»

13. “My grandma made me a quilt for Christmas.”

14. The floor at the London science museum is made of mini-chromosomes.

15. “My science teacher’s 8-year-old McDonald’s fries vs school fries.”

16. «What happens when you put M&Ms in a dish of water. Diffusion force barriers.»

17. «The bathroom in our science building has the periodic table in tiles.»

18. “I made this benzene stamp, so I never have to fail at drawing a benzene ring in a lecture ever again.”

19. Element dice, each made from a pure metal element.

20. “My wife gave me an apron with a mysterious formula embroidered on it. I drew a chart off of it, and I got a heart!”

21. «’Can I tell if my barista used the wrong milk?’ Using pharmacy available iodine solution gives a clear distinction between cow’s milk and oat milk.»

Do you like science?

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