20+ Photos that Demonstrate “What Happens If...” Better than Any School Teacher

There are so many wonders in our world that you don’t need to watch popular science documentaries or read science fiction books to be flabbergasted. Sometimes things from our daily life, like phones, dishes, or food, can really impress you when you wonder, “What happens if...?” We know for sure that ordinary things can become unique if you look closer at them.

“I accidentally set my phone down on some acetone at work, now it looks like this.”

This is what broccoli looks like if you don’t harvest it.

“My Venus flytrap is flowering.”

“When I took a photo of a full moon from my car in night mode and didn’t hold the camera still enough”

“The interior of the breathable mattress my infant son uses to prevent suffocation”

“I accidentally left salt water in an old mug for too long and this is what happened.”

“The shadow of my glasses — only the shadow of one lens is dark because I’m short-sighted in one eye only.”

This is what tree roots look like.

This is what’s inside of a USB drive.

This is what a time lock for a bank vault looks like.

This is what happens when you let a bag of milk expire without opening it.

This is what a peeled passion fruit looks like.

“I tripped and fell on concrete. I hit the ground so hard, it deformed my wedding ring.”

“We forgot about a potato in the cupboard.”

“I left my car sitting at work for a little over a month. I went to go pick it up today and the interior is covered in mold.”

“A vine grew around this little tree and the tree absorbed it, making it look like a snake had woven itself around the tree.”

“Today, the sky in Murcia, Spain, turned orange because of dust from the Sahara.”

This is the back of a hornet’s nest on a window.

“My neighbours heated driveway melting the fresh snow”

“My potato is growing a new potato inside itself”

“This is what happens when an old hen lays an egg”

Did you make your own little discoveries? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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