18 Mysterious Objects That Had the Entire Internet Puzzled Over Their Purpose

It would seem that in the 21st century we know everything about the world around us. But we can still come across things that’ll have us scratching our heads over their intended purpose. For example, why do some bras have extra straps? And, how could a metal ball end up in a baby’s cot? But the Internet can provide answers to almost any question.

«I found this while using my metal detector. It’s not magnetic, doesn’t spark when grinding. Doesn’t drill at all and is incredibly heavy and tough.»

Answer: “It was bronze cast in the Bronze Age, I donated it to the museum for further test.”

«Solid metal thing found in a farming museum. Has rubber straps and chains.»

Answer: “It’s a bull or horse blinder.”

«What’s this heavy, brass, genie lamp-like object with both a weird cutout spout and a narrow upwards spout?»

Answer: “It’s a lamp. It’s literally an oil lamp, to be used to create light. The wick goes in the spout. The oil goes in the belly. You light the wick and a flame will burn on the end of the spout like a little candle, and you can carry your lantern around with you.”

“Wooden block with 6 metal fins.”

Answer: “It’s cabbage slicer for making sauerkraut. The blades are bent at 90 degrees. So they slice vertically and then horizontally in the same stroke.”

“What is this wavy pattern on the back of a piece of mail I received?”

Answer: “It there to hide info or keep people from trying to read through an envelope and look at personal information.”

«What is this silver, oily ball? I found it in my child’s crib.»

Answer: “Have a closet door/doors with a detention that engages at the top of the frame to keep it closed? Seems about the right size. It the retaining ring fails or comes loose, a spring can launch a ball about that size from the top of the door.”

“Lightweight, metal object with chain connecting two pieces. Both sides are identical with no identifying marks. Labeled as ’mystery item.’”

Answer: “It’s a pull chain and hanging bracket for a solid door bell.”

“What would this antique silver ’locket’ have been used for? It looks like possibly ink residue on the two pads inside, but no indication that the inside door would have been sealed tightly enough to be a reservoir.”

Answer: “It’s actually a purse. There’s space in there for some coins for bus/cab fare, some powder makeup (behind the little door), and calling cards.”

«Found in our washing machine after a wash. Red ball with small white balls inside.»

Answer: “It’s a pill someone had in their pocket.”

«Extra straps on my wife’s bra has us both baffled. Do they serve any functional purpose?»

Answer: “Purely aesthetic. They’re adjustable so that it doesn’t cut in if she’s very full on top / don’t fall slack if she’s not.”

“What are these ’hooks’ under (most of) the tables at KFC?”

Answer: “It’s so they can lift the chairs off the floor while mopping and that kinda stuff without putting the feet on the table top.”

“Metal pin on a chain. Found in a toolbox in Scandinavia.”

Answer: “It’s for lighting a BBQ grill with a match (in case the push button ignitor does not work).”

«Staying at a hotel and this coiled, elastic wire is affixed to the night stand. Neither end detaches. What is this thing?»

Answer: “It’s a two-sided retention cable for a TV Remote. It is no longer attached to the remote and is now attached, at both ends, to the nightstand. Someone got tired of needing the remote on the other side of the bed.”

.“Rubber with two suckers which when squeezed together will stick indefinitely — found in my store’s changing room.”

Answer: “It’s a fidget toy.”

«I love this strange (ventilated?) box I thrifted. What is it? Why does it have holes in it?»

Answer: “It’s case for an hygrometer or temperature recorder. Round place in door is to store round recording paper discs. Openings are to get the air in. Lock is for no one to tamper the instrument while recording.”

“Found in a bathroom drawer after moving into a house. (Built in the 1970s.) Resembles a very small rake. It’s metal with a wood handle. No other identifying information. Toothbrush for scale.”

Answer: “It’s a hair brush cleaner.”

«Thumb protector possibly, but for what? Found at a yard sale.»

Answer: “It’s a antique butcher thumb guard.”

«On the bed in my hotel. Doesn’t open or anything.»

Answer: “It’s a Ned Kelly-inspired Fascinator! The hotel you’re staying at sells them if you’re interested in adding a bizarre extravagant piece to your wardrobe.”

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