18 People Who Make Sure Their Home Is Always Ringing With Laughter

Everyday life can make even the wildest of families feel dull. But these Internet users don’t give up and delight their loved ones with their high-quality sense of humor. We simply couldn’t resist and made a compilation of these excellent comedians for your enjoyment.

“My husband. New boot goofing”

“My brother and his wife couldn’t get any good pics for Easter because my nephew wouldn’t come out of ninja mode.”

“My mom is diabetic. She eats candies to raise her sugar levels. I come to the pantry looking for something to snack on and find this.”

“I haven’t talked to my dad in a couple days after an argument we had. He left this at my door. He’s 60. What does it mean?”

“I am making meatballs and asked my husband to squeeze three cloves of garlic in the beef.”

“My girlfriend complained of the toilet seat being up, and I told her she’s the minority in this household. This was her reply...”

“My son’s journal entry today”

“I asked my husband to buy some cheap plastic cups. This is what he bought... (and no, we don’t have kids)”

“I buy my husband a nice new toy, he just wants to play with the box.”

“Ever since it popped off, my wife and I have been hiding the realistic baby head around the house scaring each other. She got me tonight.”

“The level of sass from my daughter to my husband”

“My husband packed my lunch today, and I discovered this when I opened the bag.”

“Exhibit A: Why my husband needs a job”

“I’m starting to understand why my dog likes my husband more than me.”

“My wife ordered this online for our baby announcement, but it didn’t fit her, so I decided to put it to use.”

“My wife says I don’t understand breakfast in bed.”

“My pregnant wife took this photo of her dad and me today. Looks like I’m ready to be a father”

“Wife bought new shoes, loosening them on demand. Love my life”

How do your relatives amuse you, and themselves?

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