20 Situations That Every Parent Knows First-Hand

There’s nothing better than becoming a parent. At the same time, there’s nothing harder in the world. Moms and dads have to deal with kids’ never-ending energy every day, along with their opinions of things at home. But still, many parents claim that raising children is fun.

“Do your kids do this?”

“Not a single match...”

«Maybe not the best strategy.»

“My 4-year-old’s work of art.”

«The difference between my two kids eating an apple (two and three years old).»

«My son after tearing through the living room and running out of toys.»

“’I don’t want anymore, dad.’”

«Gave my kids an art lesson using the only thing I actually know how to draw.»

“Today is my birthday! Please check out the seal cake my daughter made for me.”

“I let my 6-year-old choose the shower curtain.”

«I’ve made a huge mistake...»

“The way my daughter made sure the milk was secure for the journey home.”

“Went to wake my daughter up from a nap, and couldn’t find her at first. Thankfully, I heard snoring from her pile of stuffed animals.”

“4-year-old made this while I slept. I’m not hungry anymore.”

“Tell me you have a 3-year-old without telling me you have a 3-year-old.”

“My toddler had a long day at daycare.”

«My toddler said he wanted a bite of my cheeseburger.»

“I handed it to him, and he proceeded to take the top bun off, then eat all 4 corners with the highest cheese & beef to bread ratio before handing it back to me...”

“The cat has patience to let it happen.”

«That smirking face! So proud of her work.»

“And the doctors said she’s advanced.”

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