10+ Times Children Said Something That Sent Arctic Chills Down Their Parents’ Spines

We’re all used to hearing children say some cute nonsense or something so wise that we open our mouths in awe. But sometimes, they say something so strange that they send shivers down our spines.

We at CHEERY understand the people who love things that are hard to explain. This is why we decided to gather such stories from people online. Brace yourselves!

  • A little girl in my son’s kindergarten class told me that the street she lives in is across a cemetery. I asked her if it was spooky to live that close to a graveyard, and she answered very matter-of-factly, “Not during the day. But at night, they all walk up to our windows and scream.” © Elvis_Take_The_Wheel / Reddit
  • My daughter was 4 and while we were eating breakfast one morning she said, “I was on a mountain once, and my mom and dad died; then I woke up and was in this house with you and mama.” Then we just sat there for a few seconds and looked at each other. After that she said she wanted to watch “Paw patrol.” © lmc227 / Reddit
  • My youngest (was 4) was on the carpet playing with his cars.
    Son: I can’t wait to get a new house when this house explodes.
    Me: (half listening) Uh huh, sure that sounds... Wait, what??
    Son: Yeah, when our house explodes, be ready, and we’ll just run out real fast (and then he turned back to playing with cars like nothing was said).
    Thankfully, that was 5 years ago, and my house has not exploded. © MrsSmith07 / Reddit
  • I have an awesome video of my son. He was maybe 2-3 at the time. He was taking a quarter and trying to put in the slot just above the door handle of a closed closet. He kept repeating, “(His name) pay the lady, I pay her.” When I asked what he was doing, he responded, “I have to pay the lady in the closet.” I asked him why there was a lady in the closet. He said, “She lives there. I pay her.” © 121guy / Reddit
  • “Remember before I was a baby, when I was a different little boy and I had a different mommy and daddy?”
    “Uh... no buddy, do you remember that?”
    “Hmmm, only a little.” © DontDoxxSelfThisTime / Reddit
  • A kid once sat near a camp fire and seemed to be lost in thoughts. I asked what he was thinking about. This 6-year-old said, “I wish I was high up in space and the whole world was on fire. That would be beautiful.” © CleavageConneisseur / Reddit
  • When my daughter was just two, she said a couple of things that freaked me out. One night, she was looking up at the full moon from a stairway landing window. I thought it was cute, so I went up and asked her what she was thinking. Imagining she’d say something like, “Is the moon made from cheese, daddy?” or something like that. Instead, she looked at me and in a creepy old woman voice said, “We are all in the same cage.” Like a good horror movie dad, I ran to the basement and pretended nothing had happened. © galwegian / Reddit
  • My daughter, when she was around 4 years old, and I were walking through a park. She suddenly says to me, “Your friend is calling you.” I reach into my pocket and grab my cell phone, which is not ringing and there are no missed calls. One second later, my phone starts vibrating, and it was a friend I hadn’t talked to in several months. I answered it and talked for a bit. My friend said he hadn’t called me until that time and that I had answered on the first ring. Still kinda freaks me out. © Gold_Passenger_5879 / Reddit
  • I was asking my 3 years old if he remembered being born, then I asked him if he remembered what happened before he was born. Without missing a beat or any prompting from me other than the question, he goes, “I was in a helicopter going round and round and round then ‘boom’ into the ground!” © Ol_Dirt / Reddit
  • Was taking a break from work to go grab something to drink from the kitchen and as I went through the living room I saw my daughter laying on her back over the armrest of the couch all stretched out in an upside down U-shape. Asked her what she was doing, and she said: “Playing dead rainbow.” © DumbDan / Reddit
  • My 3-year-old daughter was going through the monsters-under-her-bed phase. It lasted for weeks, and it was really hard for her mom and me. One night, after mom tried to put her to bed, she tagged me in. After 30 minutes, I grew pretty frustrated. In a last-ditch attempt, I promised my daughter that there weren’t any monster under her bed. She replied, “I know. Now they’re behind you.” After that, I let her sleep with us for a week. © YeahLikeTheGroundhog / Reddit
  • When my oldest son was about 3 he told me me one night at bed time, “Mommy I like you better than my fake mommy.” Me, “Who’s your fake mommy?” Him, “You can’t see her. She tucks me in after you do.” © labeille87 / Reddit
  • I heard the 1-year-old’s high chair move even though nobody was near it. I asked the 3-year-old: “What was that?” and he said, while pointing to the chair, “What is SHE doing here!?” © michaelchondria / Reddit
  • I have twin daughters. One day, while playing outside, once of them looked up at the sky and said, “The sky is cracked... and on fire.” My other daughter looked up and said, “Yes... the people are screaming.” Then they went back to playing with dolls. Fingers crossed they’re not predicting the future, everybody! © HyperionWinsAgain / Reddit

Have your children ever said any weird things that worried you?

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