15 Actors and Actresses Who Are Even Cooler in Real Life Than Their Characters in the Movies

The stories about superheroes saving the day have been around since we were little. Many of us have worn the costume of one of our favorite comic book characters, and others have enjoyed watching their heroic actions on the big screen. And when we find out that our great heroes in the movies also have a real-life story to tell, we can’t help but think that the multiverse of superheroes is real.

1. Mark Ruffalo

The Hulk actor has his own story to share about how he has found a hero within himself. In 2001, Ruffalo had a dream in which he had a brain tumor. Concerned, he consulted a doctor and it turned out that he was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, which left him partially paralyzed in his face for 10 months and he lost all hearing in his left ear.

It was a challenging process to overcome, learning how life can change in the blink of an eye, but at the same time, this gave him a reason to keep fighting for his ideals. In 2014, he received the BAFTA Humanitarian Award and has been involved in various humanitarian and environmental projects, leaving a positive legacy.

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has had a personal life of ups and downs, but it’s undeniable that since his role as Iron Man, he has become one of our favorite heroes in real life. In 2020, he launched his foundation, The Footprint Coalition, to clean up the environment using nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

Also, another characteristic that he shares with his character, Tony Stark, is his philanthropy. He is continually donating to various organizations around the world. He is not very open on the subject but lets his actions speak louder than words. In life, the actor, like Iron Man, has also saved dozens of lives.

3. Scarlett Johansson

Heroes come from all backgrounds, and the Black Widow actress, Scarlett Johansson, who comes from a very humble past, is no exception. Growing up with limited resources further inspired her to pursue her goals and serve as an Oxfam ambassador.

In 2007, she skipped the Oscars to tour India and Sri Lanka as part of the Oxfam projects. Additionally, she has been involved in various charities, such as Feeding America, a charity that aims to help people in the United States who suffer from childhood hunger.

4. Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman is a feminist icon from comics, and in real life, Gal Gadot lives up to her character. Shutting down genre stereotypes, she has dedicated herself to becoming a role model for all women. She participated in military service, gives talks about female empowerment, and also teaches girls to be strong.

In 2017, after Wonder Woman producer Brett Ratner was in the eye of the hurricane following various allegations, Gal Gadot refused to work with him unless he left the production of the film’s sequel. This was a real standout in defending women’s rights and it’s helping to change the Hollywood industry.

5. Tom Holland

Tom Holland is proof that superhero costumes don’t need to be worn all the time to make heroic actions. Not only is he our hero for always believing in his acting career goals and pursuing his dream of becoming Spider-Man, but once he got the role, he hasn’t stopped doing good.

Once, during a flight to Hawaii, he noticed a young lady collapsed unconscious and he came to her aid to help. On another occasion, while on an autograph signing in New York, he saved a woman from being crushed against the barricades by a mass of fans.

And if this young Spider-Man hasn’t saved the world yet, he surely uses his power with responsibility.
He has been volunteering in the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Here, he has shared his positive superpowers to encourage kids who have gone through difficult situations.

6. Brie Larson

The Captain Marvel actress is a fighter in real life. She is an advocate for women’s rights and an inspiration not only to our generation but to younger girls as well. And she uses her role to speak out on the empowerment and equality of women.

In 2018, at the Crystal + Lucy Awards, during her acceptance speech, she took the opportunity to speak about how women and people of color are not well represented on the movie scene.

In addition, on a personal level, she uses her social networks, both Instagram and streaming media, such as Spotify, to share personal experiences about empowerment and other topics on self-development. It’s like Captain Marvel is the best friend you need to listen to 24/7.

7. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is the definition of “from zero to hero,” and becoming Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy was not an easy road. He stands out as one of our real-life heroes because he has taught us that the word impossible has 2 extra letters.

He was born in Minnesota and, after graduating from high school, went through various circumstances from living homeless in a van in Hawaii to ending up as a server at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, where he confesses he had to eat leftovers from customers’ plates. He endured all of this until he was able to launch his acting career.

8. Chris Evans

We have a real Captain America in this universe, and Chris Evans is proof. What we highlight the most is that he is a down-to-earth hero and uses his voice on Twitter to talk about topics such as immigration, LGBT rights, racial and gender equality, and more.

Keeping it real, he is open about his struggles with anxiety, which makes him relatable to anyone who is going through a similar situation. Also, in 2020, he sent his Captain America shield to a 6-year-old boy, Bridger Walker, who saved his sister from a dog attack. Heroes support other heroes.

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch has his own personal superhero story, aside from what we see on screen in Doctor Strange. Once, when he and his wife were on an Uber ride, he saw a group of 4 men rob a delivery man. He stopped the Uber and, with the driver’s help, they counterattacked the attackers.

And if that experience wasn’t enough to obtain a place on this list, he has received, from Queen Elizabeth herself, a Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his services in the arts and charity. Doctor Strange has our hearts.

10. Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen has been honored by The Environmental Media Association for her active participation in environmental projects. The Scarlet Witch actress uses her power to be part of various initiatives around the environment, as well as finding equitable access to water and defeating hunger.

Heroes work best as a team. Olsen has partnered with other actresses to create a collection of products whose sales will benefit those with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a skin condition that makes the skin very fragile and blister easily.

11. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is a hero in gigantic proportions compared to his role as Ant-Man. He is a role model and here’s why. During the last elections in the United States, he surprised Brooklyn voters by standing in the rain, handing out cookies to people waiting in line to vote. He was encouraging people to cast their vote and showing affection for those who were standing in line, despite the extreme weather.

12. Zoe Saldana

Her bravery in movies as her character, Gamora, is a quality she possesses in real life. In 2009, in Los Angeles, Zoe Saldana lived through a real-life superhero situation where she assisted a woman who had a car accident.

Saldana carried the injured woman from her car to the curb and called an ambulance. Despite the fire, she returned to the car for the woman’s belongings and stayed by her side until medical help arrived. She is undoubtedly a hero outside of this galaxy.

13. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo has played some famous brave heroes. However, in life, this man is no less brave than his characters. In 2019 he pulled a drowning man out of the water. The actor and his friends were resting on a boat when he heard over the radio that a man was drowning nearby. DiCaprio rushed to him without a second thought. By the time the actor found the unfortunate man, he had kept himself afloat for 11 hours. Leo took him on board his boat and took him to safety.

14. Idris Elba

© Thor / Marvel Studios and co-producers, LOIC VENANCE / AFP / East News

In the summer of 2019, in a theater production in which Idris Elba played the main role, one of the audience members had a seizure. While those around her were lost, not knowing what to do, the brave actor jumped off the stage into the audience and ran to help. He did not leave the woman until he personally put her in the ambulance. Later, the woman said she did not know how to thank the actor for saving her life.

15. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has acted in dozens of movies as the brave hero who is ready at any moment to rush after the villain. But one day the actor had a chance to be the hero in real life. He went on a real chase after a criminal. When Hardy witnessed a young thief running away from the police, he sprang into action and sprinted after him. According to eyewitnesses, he was jumping over fences as if he had turned on “superhero mode.” Eventually, Tom caught the thief and personally handed him over to the police.

Do you have heroic stories that deserve to be part of this list? We want to know! Share your most heroic action here!

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