15+ People That Just Couldn’t Catch a Break One Day

Many of us would love it if we were lucky all the time and protected from bad things. But sometimes, things just go so wrong that there is nothing else to do, but take a photo and post it online.

We at CHEERY hope that nothing bad ever happens to our readers, and right now you can take a look at the people that weren’t so lucky.

1. “Got new cargo shorts and accidentally sat on a stool that my sister was cleaning with bleach...”

2. “I bought some new shorts that are shorter than my other shorts for work. Now my leg looks like Neapolitan ice cream.”

3. “My trashcan caught on fire... somehow!”

4. “Heard a loud bang come from my living room...”

5. “Just my luck.”

6. “Our washer decided to become a smoke machine.”

7. “This mustache crawled across my face when I was trying to go to sleep. My skin is crawling.”

8. “Bought a house in a bidding war, so inspection waived. Moving in, I dented the wall and made a hole. This was behind the hole.”

9. “Broke my leg by standing too fast and falling onto myself.”

10. “My little brother was trying to move today...”

“Accidentally left the garage open for 1 hour. Flies are everywhere.”

“My wife’s first trip on a plane and this was the view out her window.”

“Faceplanted onto asphalt yesterday. Literally my nightmare.”

“Used ramps to change oil for the first time. While backing up, the ramps slid/shot out and hit the 5qt used oil container and painted my garage a new color.”

“This is the second TV my little brother broke. No more PlayStation for a while, I guess.”

“My car broke 5 minutes too early. I was on my way to buy a new one. Had to be picked up.”

“My puppy chewed up my $3,800 hand-carved coffee table I had shipped from Japan.”

“The ATM took my card, then just shutdown.”

“This $10 salad I paid for at a restaurant.”

«Got a haircut 3 days before my wedding...»

What unfortunate things have happened to you? Tell us your stories!

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