15+ People Who Found Out That an Interview With a Future Boss Can Be an Amazing Adventure

Many of us are familiar with the anxiety you feel before an interview for a new job. Besides your trembling knees, you have lots of thoughts about what to wear to look your best, how to answer all the questions, and how early to leave so you’re not late for the meeting. But while your future boss might do something that catches you by surprise, odds are you’re going to surprise them too.

We at CHEERY know that, when you are preparing for a job interview, you should be ready for literally anything. Awkward situations can happen to anyone, so it’s important to stay positive and try to see the bright side. And in the bonus, you will find an example demonstrating why it’s best to spend extra time choosing a good gift to congratulate someone on their new job.

1. “Well, here we are 30 minutes before a job interview and my dog decided to hide with my only copies of my resume.”

2. “Sitting here for over an hour waiting to be interviewed.”

3. “Birds had a field day with my car right before a job interview.”

4. “So I was heading to a job interview and accidentally spilled coffee all over me just before the interview. Not the best first impression, I suppose.”

5. You have to be able to think outside the box.

6. “The shower head broke off while I was covered in shampoo, trying to prepare for my first ever job interview.”

«I had to use my hands to cut the stream off and direct it where I needed it.»

7. “Put on two different shoes have an interview today.”

8. “On my way to a job interview and this had to go ahead and happen.”

9. Sometime, you just need to ask your future employee to cut onions to know if you should hire them or not.

10. Be prepared for all sorts of questions.

11. “Car broke down, all the mechanics are closed. I’m 200 miles from home and I have a job interview in the morning.”

12. “Didn’t realize my shorts had a massive rip in them until after my interview today.”

«I got the job!»

13. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to show your talents

14. “About to arrive for an interview in a new suit, realized they left the tag on.”

15. “Have an interview tomorrow, and my hairdresser said it’d be dark gray/black.”

Bonus: «Got this cake to congratulate my sister on her new job. I should have looked at it before I left the shop!»

Have you ever had any awkward situations during job interviews?

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