15 Stars Who Dared to Make Radical Changes to Their Image and Did It for a Reason

Stars often have to change their image in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends or to match their new stage image. But sometimes, like everyone else, they choose a new haircut to gain back confidence in their abilities, lift their spirits, or cope with life’s difficulties. Celebrities can even use a new hairstyle to draw public attention to important issues.

Elizabeth McGovern

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The star of Downton Abbey decided to restore her natural hair color. The actress noticed that many women in the film industry face age discrimination. The roles they are offered do not vary much: they tend to be either a perfect grandmother or a crazy lady. However, McGovern is no longer going to dye her gray hair and hide her age.

Demi Lovato

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The singer admitted that her long hair served as a kind of cover-up for her. While she was dealing with psychological issues, she seemed to hide behind the locks. But after resolving her personal difficulties, Demi realized that she needed to let go of a certain part of her life. After the haircut, Lovato felt that she was finally in harmony with herself and became more liberated.

Halle Berry

Not long ago, the actress decided to get rid of her long locks, shave her temples, and experiment with the color of her hair, dyeing it in light or violet shades. “I know I look like I’m doing nothing but my hair is quite busy,” she said. Berry is no stranger to short haircuts. She wore a similar hairstyle from the late 80s until the mid-2000s, and is convinced that it brought her success. People saw her for who she was, and she didn’t try to hide behind her own mane.

Tiffany Haddish

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The actress admits that she has always wanted to shave her head and secretly envied men who had this hairstyle. After fulfilling this dream, Haddish grew out short locks, dyed them platinum, and styled them in waves. Tiffany noted that her desire to know herself inspired her to get this hairstyle. “It’s really important to know who you are, and that’s the one part of my body I didn’t know,” says the actress. In her opinion, being yourself is much easier and more enjoyable than pretending to be someone else all the time.

Nathalie Emmanuel

The actress admits that her decision to get rid of her long locks was the first independent decision she made about her haircut in her life. After Natalie chose a career as an actress, the requirements of the film studios determined her appearance. Although Emmanuel liked her lush hair, it was also associated with many painful memories and emotional experiences. So the actress decided to give her hair a more natural look.

Dove Cameron

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The singer and actress noticed that she had a lot of emotional problems and painful sensations associated with having light-colored hair. Therefore, she decided to dye her hair in darker tones. After Dove became a brunette, she felt like she had rediscovered and regained herself. She was sincerely surprised at how a simple change of hair color could bring so much happiness to a person.

Jason Momoa

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Jason Momoa decided to shave part of his head to attract public attention to a serious environmental problem. The actor is concerned about the contamination of land and water with plastic waste. To remind people about it, he posted a video of himself shaving his hair.

Ireland Baldwin

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Ireland said that she spent many years working as a model, which made a bad effect on her hair. Due to frequent lightening and styling, her hair became worse. So, she decided to give her hair a fresh start and shaved it. She said, “Do things that scare you. Do things that you’ll never do.”

Billie Eilish

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The singer first dyed her hair when she was 9 years old. Since then, Eilish has experimented with different colors, sometimes becoming a blonde, and at other times dyeing strands of hair blue or green. As a result, Billie decided that black hair suits her the most and seems the most natural. She chose to get rid of bright tones because they make it harder for her to maintain anonymity when appearing in public.

Nancy Xu

Long hair has always been part of her stage look, and she was afraid of trying something new. But not long ago, Nancy decided to change her image, and did it not only for herself, but also to help others. She donated her locks to the charity foundation Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for people.

JoJo Siwa


The young dancer, singer, and actress has dreamed about having short hair since she was 7 or 8. But her mom was against such radical changes. Before celebrating her 19th birthday, she was finally able to convince her parents it was something she wanted to do.

Chip Gaines

The actor decided to get rid of his gorgeous hair to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Thanks to him, the company managed to raise $425,000 to support an organization, helping ill children.

Letitia Wright

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The actress admits that for many years she was shy of the natural look of her hair. Since childhood, she tried to straighten her curls, and as a result of these procedures, her hair suffered a lot. Working on the movie Black Panther helped her accept and love her hair. That’s why she shaved part of her head, leaving only a short curly cap. And for the project Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, she decided to give her hair a little reboot and shaved it all off.

Nicola Peltz

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The actress was blonde for a long time, and most people were used to this look. But not long ago, she changed the hair color completely, dying it dark-chocolate. She said she wanted to return to her roots.

Tati Gabrielle

The actress loves experimenting with her look, and she often changes hairstyles and color. She’s convinced that all people are free to choose the look that makes them feel the best. Lately, she’s preferred the “surfer waves” hairstyle, which reflects her love for the ocean.

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