15+ Treasure Hunters Whose Finds Would Make Even Lara Croft Jealous

Many people think that antiques are boring. But the people from this compilation decided to bust this myth. While some finds can just be pleasant to look at, others can have mind-blowing histories behind them.

We at CHEERY have always thought that antiques are far more interesting than they seem, so we decided to prove it to you by showing the treasures found by people online.

«Finally displaying my uranium glass collection!»

“My friend has an amazing old Magic Chef Stove/Oven combo.”

“Tiny Karl Wiedmann Art Deco iridescent Myra glass vase, found recently at the local thrift for 99 cents. I’m in the US.”

“My grandma’s shelf of antique pottery. Most of these were made in the 1940s.”

“The antique lamp I found in my basement.”

  • Awesome lamp. I’m super envious. I have several of the table-top versions of these, but with reverse color scheme: green six-sided tapering “columns” and yellow balls. Haven’t found any floor standers yet... one day! I’m sure you know this, but they’re quite valuable. © jevvix / Reddit

“My cell phone is approaching retirement age, but I don’t like buying new things. Luckily, I found myself an old Ericsson.”

“My great-grandmother’s baby blanket, hand-embroidered by her Aunt Bea in 1918-1919 while Bea and her husband traveled with the circus selling hot dogs!”

“This one’s not for the faint of heart, but I love it! French sentimental ring, woven from the hair of a loved one.”

“Winnie the Pooh, 1926. First edition, first printing. I don’t dabble in 20th century acquisitions that often, but I do make exceptions.”

“I snagged this Edwardian dress yesterday. It’s just too stunning not to share.”

“Just picked up this gorgeous ’Singer’ folding table sewing machine at Goodwill.”

“Pick this up at an estate sale. I was wondering what year it is.”

“The 1950s Luсitе pursе.”

“I found this old razor while helping my grandma clean some cupboards.”

“The oldest Japanese print in my collection. The actor Segawa Kikunojo III, by Katsukawa Shunsho (1780).”

“1930s TootsieToy I dug up yesterday.”

“Victorian (1880-1898) gold, silver and rose diamond double swallow brooch with seed pearl terminal in original sales box.”

“1907 unopened Coke bottles, straight side paper label.”

“This is an old Woods-Everetz Stove Co. stove that we found in my grand-aunt’s shed.”

Do you have any precious antiques?

Preview photo credit TrebleRose689 / Reddit
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