16 People Who Found Themselves in Such an Awkward Situation That They’re Still Embarrassed About It

Most of us have a heap of stories that makes us feel embarrassed just at the thought of them. But the Internet users in today’s compilation had the courage to post them for the entire world to read. And we thought that the best weapon against shame is laughter, so we decided to share them with you.

  • One time I was walking by this attractive girl. I completely lack any social skills, so the moment I try is the moment I fail. I gave a nice glance in her direction, and then I trip on an exposed tree root. Falling wouldn’t have been so bad, but I tried to regain my balance by flapping my arms and contorting my legs — this went on for about 20 seconds. I looked like a wounded duck trying to fly for the first time. I finally fell to the ground about 20 feet away. She was just standing there laughing along with everybody else in the area. Instead of playing it off, I just ran, which made people laugh even more. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I was at a concert with a female friend. During the concert, she got her period. She tried to tell me, and I motioned for her to say it louder. Right as she spoke, the song ended, and she screamed, “I’m on my period!” When she realized others had heard it, she blushed into a tomato and ran off. She ended up finding the whole thing funny in the end. © Durwin19 / Reddit
  • Was walking down the stairs after a class and was in a really good mood. I was smiling at everyone because of this. When I smiled at one particular woman (whom I didn’t know) she smiled back and asked, “How are you?” And for some reason, my brain couldn’t cope with this, so I let out something like, “” and then physically ran away from the building. I fear ever seeing her again and having to live with that. © bamboodle21 / Reddit
  • I was in the car with a guy I had just started dating. We are just listening to the radio and holding hands, and all of a sudden, he said, " I love you too." I stuttered, “But...I never said I loved you!” He smirked, looked over at me, and said, “I said I love U2. The band. The one that is playing on the radio right now.” © No_Stairway_Denied / Reddit
  • 5th-grade birthday party. We had some music going, and I thought I’d show off my dance moves in front of my crush. So I jumped up and landed in the splits only to rip about a 10-inch hole in my pants. © kukukele / Reddit
  • I sat down too hard when meeting with a customer and audibly break wind. Both the customer and his wife definitely heard it, and I was so surprised and embarrassed by it, I tried to just play it off like it didn’t happen. The wife said to the husband in Spanish what I can only assume was, “Don’t you dare say anything.” That whole transaction was extremely uncomfortable. © ****fo0t / Reddit
  • Was at a restaurant and tried to hold a door open for a pregnant lady. She stopped before walking through the door and stared at me. I smiled and asked her how she was doing. She said, “We’re good here” and I just let the door close and walked away in confusion. © Beatleball / Reddit
  • When I was 13 or 14, the guy I had a crush on took me to a park to talk and to get to know each other. We sat under some trees and everything was going pretty well until a bird pooped on my head while I was talking to him. I had to go back home to wash my hair a few times. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • Having dinner with a girl I have seen a couple of times. Guy pulls up a chair and just sits there. I look at him like, “What’s up?” He was like, “Oh, just wanted to join you and my wife.” I was like, “I didn’t know. Why don’t you guys have dinner and talk this out?” Funny thing, she asked me to pick her up as he left her there. © PprincePhillip / Reddit
  • My sister got married a few years back. my brother-in-law. During the part where the priest asks if anyone objects, I stood up and said, “I do.” My sister asked why, and I just stood there for a good 30 seconds. After that short time, I slowly walked out dragging my feet. © JPBrownlee28 / Reddit
  • After visiting my in-laws for the first time, we were about to leave and drive home. They wished us a good journey, and my partner’s father told us to drive carefully to which I replied, “Oh, you know I drive slow, like a blind, old man.” He’s 61 and blind. © Skeet_fighter / Reddit
  • Two of my friends were in a relationship, but they were going through a tough time. I was close with the girl, so I encouraged her to just talk for fun. So I’m walking down the hall and see them chatting, without thinking I go up to them and say something like, “Oh my gosh, I’m so happy y’all are talking again!!” It turns out he was breaking up with her. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I lived next to the same guy for 3 years. Thought his name was Steve. Called him Steve. His name is Steve on my phone. I’ve been to his place. We’ve had dinner His name is Brian. His dog is Steve. © JenJJams / Twitter
  • While I attended an event sponsored by my employer, one of the executives pointed to his wife, who had gained a few pounds. “Why don’t you congratulate Alison on her pregnancy?” I did so, and her face immediately fell. “I’m not pregnant,” she said. I apologized, fumbling for the right words. The executive watched the entire exchange with an ever-present smirk on his face. © Jim Lewis / Quora
  • My husband and I were at a school barbecue (where I was a teacher and knew most of the parents). I walked up behind who I thought was my husband (same hair, jeans, and shirt) and pinched his bottom to let him know I’d returned. The man who turned around was our district inspector who thankfully laughed and said, “Tony (principal) told me you get on with everyone.” Never lived it down. Was featured In the farewell speech at my retirement 15 years later. © Rhonda McKenzie / Quora
  • When I was 14, we had to do the washing by hand as we couldn’t afford the primitive washers that were available at the time... I came across my mom’s bra & I decided to try it on. I struggled with the clips, but as soon as I got it on, my mother walked in on me & said, “This is not your size.” She laughed & laughed as I turned redder & redder... © Ned Abraham / Quora
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