17 Photos That Have Experienced Failure Firsthand

We’ve all had unexpected situations at work, cafes, and even at home. Some people are irritated by their colleagues, others get unlucky with takeout food, and some people are shocked by their partners. The people from today’s compilation have shared stories we can recognize ourselves in.

We at CHEERY are sure that these stories can help you avoid many unpleasant surprises because forewarned is forearmed.

1. «My friend just broke my several million old piece of amber that I got while I was living in Australia»

2. «Bought new dishwasher packs, new one has 15 fewer in the same size container»

3. «Wanted a grass is greener wig since I have the most boring brown straight hair. Maybe the grass is greener on my side after all»

4. «No, no, no»

5. «Slammed my pocket in the car door»

6. «Just cleaned out the coop»

7. «This is what I have to deal with if I gotta pee in the locker room: some doors don’t close and some have a gap too big to even close»

8. “So today I was walking back home listening to music, took off my headphones for a second, and they snapped somehow”

  • I had those exact headphones, same colour too, they broke in 4 places before I stopped arranging them on my head. © SmoothestFerret / Reddit

9. «My girlfriend will cut off the stuffed crust and leave the rest for someone else»

10. «Reference photo vs what I got»

11. «Friend of mine ordered a bamboo online, today it arrived in all its glory»

12. “After a lousy day I went for lunch. There were puddings with smiling faces on them. This pudding was given to me”

13. «First thing I bought got stuck, so I decided to buy something else to release it. Now they’re both stuck»

14. «Got laid off today with zero notice, found all my stuff already in a box when I got to work»

15. «What I ordered vs what I got»

  • It looks so sad! Was it tasty? © ccc2801 / Reddit
  • Not that tasty. Have a feeling the ingredients are from when they opened this store. Will keep in touch if my stomach decides it was worse! © D4rkoVI / Reddit

16. «Realized after several months that this is not lip balm»

17. «My mom spent months growing and fertilizing these guys!»

What failures have you had in your life?

Preview photo credit Upbeat_Breath_6817 / Reddit
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