18 People Who Proved That Their Resilience Is Stronger Than a Diamond

Many of us have had to struggle against circumstances that seemed to be more than we could handle. Sometimes we might feel it’s better to just give up in the fight against fate and let whatever happens, happen; but luckily, the people in this article chose a different path. They’ve proved to themselves, and the people around them, that patience, faith in success, and willpower can turn this world upside down.

1. «8 months apart. Beating cancer and turning 30 in the same year. I’m either the luckiest or unluckiest person alive depending on the angle you choose to look at it. I choose lucky»

2. «I’m no longer too depressed to create art! I did this finger painting for my mental health practitioner and she loved it. Like really loved it!!»

3. «After trying for months and our 3yo making it hell on earth for days... my wife and I are surprised to be expecting twins. Wish us luck!»

4. «Last year, I broke every bone in my face. I just had my fourth surgery on Tuesday. Had a CT scan and everything looks GREAT. Been lots of pain and countless days in the hospital but I’m finally done!»

5. «A few months ago, I had no eyelashes at all. Today, I wore yellow mascara for the first time! »

6. «In 2019 after a surgery, I was facing never being able to lift my left arm on its own again. I’ve been doing strength training at the gym for a month now»

7. «After a mastectomy, six months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation, I rang the bell!»

8. «In August, I suffered from a skull fracture. Now I’m finally (slowly) getting back to work as a teacher»

9. «Transition & HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) has lead me to true happiness and SAVED MY LIFE!»

10. «Anorexia recovery It took me 5 years to gain a healthy weight»

11. «Have had crippling anxiety for years, but somehow I worked up the courage to perform at my first open-mic comedy night this evening! Can’t believe I did it!!!»

12. «From overcoming pretty severe anorexia to becoming a Marathoner! Can’t tell you how proud I was of everything I’ve gone through when I passed that Finish line! I can do hard things!»

13. «After years of being told I wouldn’t have kids of my own, I’ve officially made it to 30 weeks with a totally healthy baby!»

14. «I am alive and moving out on my own for the first time!»

15. «After many discussions she finally took her walker out in public at school! She walked with her classmates.»

16. «After several years of trying, numerous miscarriages, and seemingly infinite heartache, 3 days ago, we finally welcomed our first child»

17. «My Happy wife. Married 26 years today in which time she has gone from dancer to disabled and she is still the happiest, most positive person I know»

18. «It may not look like much, but I haven’t been able to lift properly in years. This is the start of something big»

Do you have any examples of such resilience? Could you, or someone you know, be the hero of this selection?

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