18 Things That Were Made of Such High Quality That They Can Be Safely Passed On as Family Heirlooms

Many of us have things at home that belonged to our grandmothers and grandfathers. Most things look really old, but some are as good as new. But with time, there are fewer and fewer of these things each year, and their value, both material and intangible, increases. Today we decided to look at photos of Internet users that wanted to share their family relics.

“A gift bag my mom has been reusing for 39 years”

“3 generations, one dress (my grandma in 1964, my mom in 1991, and me in 2017)”

“This multimillion-dollar hospital lab I work in with huge analyzers and new equipment manufactured months ago has a tape dispenser from the 1960s and 1970s.”

“This belt is going on 15 years now, no deforming, stretching, or cracking. They have a 99-year warranty.”

“This 1920s or ’30s fridge has been in the family for decades and still works fine.”

“I have used this Goody brand comb every day for nearly 20 years and it’s still in great shape.”

“Still using my HP-15C from high school — 40 years ago. It’s a little beaten up, but it works great.”

“My parents received this ’hand mixer’ as a wedding gift in ’81. I still use it for breakfast every morning.”

“Motorola Razr, purchased in 2006”

“This bowl has been in my family since 1850-1860.”

“Used to belong to my grandparents and has been reupholstered a bunch of times, 1920 to 1930.”

“Restoring the wooden beams of my house and found this — September 15, 1664.”

“My Rolex Oyster Perpetual made in 1970 — it’s over 50 years old and still runs flawlessly.”

“My grandpa just gifted me this nineteenth-century mandolin.”

“A waffle iron from the 1920s, still working flawlessly!”

“My ’new’ 60-year-old Swiss army salt and pepper backpack”

“This cradle was used by my grandfather and his 5 siblings 115 years ago. Then my father and his 5 siblings. Then me, my two brothers, and 13 of my cousins. And, lastly, my third child.”

“Just inherited this pan from my late grandfather. He was 93, and this pan is at least 115 years old.”

Do you still have some things at home from the past?

Preview photo credit AwkwardGrimace / Reddit
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