18 Times Reality Escaped From Our Expectations at Light Speed

All of us have had a moment when our expectations were much bigger than reality. But the people from today’s compilation had such crazy things happen to them that it’s hard not to start laughing. And because laughter is the best cure for disappointment, we decided to show you these pictures. At the end of the article, there is a bonus about a trip that didn’t go according to plan.

“So I ordered a Spider-Man mask a while back, and this is what came in.”

“Microwave meal I had today doesn’t look good.”

“What I ordered and what mom got.”


“I told my dad not to buy anything from an online store, but he made me order it for him. It didn’t go well.”

“Bought a doll that had her hair tied up for my friend’s daughter. First thing she did was untie the bow...”

“I ordered a coat, and it just arrived. I have a feeling they sent me the wrong one...”

“Wasted $400 + tip and have spent the whole day crying.”

“I just opened it. Haven’t eaten a single one yet”

“What I ordered on the left, what I received on the right.”

“Kid’s birthday cake gone goth!”

“I knew I was taking a gamble ordering from an online store... But still, I couldn’t stop laughing when my blanket finally arrived!”

“Family friend hired SpongeBob for a birthday party. It сame covered in sponges.”

“What I asked for, what my hair looked like, and how it turned out.”

“My wife made a dragon cake for her mother’s birthday.”

“What I ordered vs. what I got.”

“Left is the cloud lamp I ordered, right is what I received.”

“What we ordered vs. what we got...”

Bonus: “Guess I won’t be reaping that Norway scenery karma.”

Has something similar ever happened to you? Tell us about such situations in the comment section below.

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