19 People Who Could Win a World Championship in Laziness

Many people are lazy from time to time; that’s normal. But some are so lazy that others simply don’t get it. For example, they can put a new doormat on top of the old one, or throw away their trash next to the trashcan. Of course, it’s pointless to try and change a grown-up person, so all we can do is get used to their quirks.

1. “Bought my guy a new doormat, and he just put it on top of the old one.”

2. “My wife dropped peanut butter on toast. That was 24hrs ago.”

3. “I’m in an extended stay hotel for work and this is how housekeeping made my bed. Awesome.”

4. “Put the snacks in the bowls.”

5. “Walks to the garbage disposal just to sit the garbage on the floor.”

6. “My mom just leaves all of her soap and stuff on the ground after a shower. Every time.”

7. “I didn’t feel like getting out of the truck.”

8. “How hubby won’t throw away his empty ice cream buckets.”

9. “Salted the walk, boss.”

10. «Why does my family do this?»

11. «Just swept it up next to it?»

12. “When neighbor doesn’t dig out his own path to the street and just uses mine and parks in front of it so no one else can use it.”

13. “How my wife leaves her plate in the dishwasher.”

14. “When your husband says he cleaned your toddler’s room.”

15. “Just go put it back for Pete’s sake.”

16. “Someone had a party in my building and decided to just stuff all the filled balloons in the trash chute.”

17. “The way my MIL replaces the paper towels.”

18. “I figured out you don’t actually have to assemble these things.”

19. “A fork in the road.”

Do you know anyone this lazy?

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