19 People Whose New Home Turned Out to Be Full of Surprises

Moving to a new house or apartment is an important event for anyone. Usually, we experience a wide range of emotions when trying to settle down in our new home, and we don’t always expect to find a surprise left by previous owners.

At CHEERY, we found photos of Internet users who had to deal with the surprises left to them by previous owners of their homes. And in the bonus section, you’ll see Drew Barrymore’s video showing how she made a great discovery in her new apartment.

“I bought a house last year and wondered why this light never worked. Finally, I took it off to have a look at the wiring...”

“I’m renovating my 101-year-old house and have found this behind the drywall.”

“I bought a house built in 1920, and discovered the original sale sign hidden in the attic.”

“What do you think of this wallpaper we found?”

“Under 3 layers of floor and flipper vinyl, we discovered original marble hexagon tiles.”

“This is our new house. The previous owners left this behind the basement bathroom curtain.”

“I found this while renovating. It’s likely been sitting in a closet untouched for 30 years with no cartridge inside.”

“I was sorting through some old brick that was left over from our 1890s townhouse, and came across this.”

“I found some nice rocks holding up our 1840s farmhouse while investigating water leaks in the crawl spaces.”

“My friend bought a house and the toilet paper holder is a combined radio and telephone.”

“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve discovered in a crawl space? I’ll go first.”

“I found a walled-in staircase during the bathroom renovation in our house built in 1856.”

“I discovered this behind a lath and plaster wall during renovation.”

“I have 2 outlets in my new house that don’t work. I purchased 2 new outlets to replace them. It turns out there are no wires to connect them to.”

“The original mortgage document from my house, dated 1856”

“While renovating our studio we found old walled-in mailboxes.”

“My family bought a house from the 1800s in Spain and I found this ’pirate’ ring.”

“A little dictionary I discovered in an old house. It was printed in 1914, and gifted to someone in 1916.”

“I found this sink in the basement of my 1860s house in Glasgow, UK.”

Bonus: Drew Barrymore was elated when she found this in her new apartment.

Did you ever find anything unusual in your new home after moving in? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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