20 People Proved Piercings Are Not Just a Relic of the 90s, but an Art Form

According to statistics, in the US, women decide to get piercings 1,5 times more often than men. Different people want to decorate their bodies, like moms with kids and office employees. And the people from today’s compilation only prove this point. They went to great lengths to choose the piercings that highlight their individuality.

1. “Help me decide on the next piercings, I’m thinking dahlia bites and high nostril piercings.”

2. Piercings can highlight your uniqueness.

3. “Finally switched my helixes to hoops”

4. “Just showing off my setup”

5. “Not really a piercing, but filled my almost 6-week-old coin slot, and am very happy!”

6. “Maybe not the coolest setup but I’m happy with it!”

7. A great combination of elegance and minimalism

8. “Rose gold and opal setup”

9. “I got some new pieces for my ears, and I am particularly excited for my little froggie friend.”

10. “Just changed my nostrils to the spiked hoops and stretched my septum”

11. Piercings look great with crystals.

12. “Very lucky to be in a workplace where my piercings haven’t been a problem”

13. “I’m really happy with how everything matches! Just need a few more pieces to complete my right ear too.”

14. “Finally got a gold chain for my paired nostrils”

15. “I’ve had to redo my setup so many times as I kept thinking it looked unorganized before.”

16. Piercings are a great way of self-expression.

17. A great, well-thought-out set

18. “Triple loving my triple vertical labrets”

19. “I worked 90 hours all year this year. As a mom who feels guilty buying anything, I finally said, ‘Enough!’ This right here I will wear for the rest of my life and brings me so much happiness.”

“It’s a hobby, and all I look at now is ear pins and ear curations.”

20. “Piercings have definitely helped my self-confidence.”

What’s your attitude to piercings?

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