20+ People Who Prove There’s No Escaping Your Genes

While thousands of researchers are currently studying genetics, around 20% of genes are still a mystery to us. That’s likely why we’re left to wonder how a man today could look so much like his grandparents who lived centuries before. Some resemblances are so wild, they can even surprise scientists themselves.

1. A rare condition was passed from mother to daughter.

2. This woman and her mother look so alike, their faces can be combined.

3. They look uncannily similar.

4.“My mother’s graduation picture (1971) vs mine (2004)”

5. This father and son don’t need a DNA test.

6. After no-shave November, this man started to look a lot like his father.

7. These photos are 64 years apart, but these relatives look nearly identical!

8. “My mom and I both have a line through our nails in the same spot.”

9. The photo of this man and his great-great-grandfather make us wonder if time travel already exists.

10. “My father’s genes run strong. My twin!”

11. “My sister and I have a freckle on the same arm in the exact same place.”

12. Genes are really powerful! Looks like someone copy and pasted this man.

13. “Growing up, I was always told that I was my dad’s twin. I never really saw it until recently!”

14. “My daughter and I have the same dimple on our foreheads.”

15. “My maternal grandmother and me — genes are funny!”

16. “This is me compared to my young dad.”

17. “That’s my great-grandmother on the left. I can’t believe she gave me only 1/8 of my genes!”

18. Reese Witherspoon and her daughter look almost identical.

19. “My direct paternal grandfather, born 506 years apart”

20. “You’re her double! Beautiful ladies — hold that head high for the both of you.”

21. “I’m half Arab-Amazigh (dad’s side) and my mom is Italian American. I get told I look a lot like my mom. I mostly think we have the same eyes!”

22. “My Norwegian great-grandmother and I favor quite a bit. According to my test (and genealogy maps) my Scandinavian roots are only 26%, but her genes must’ve been as strong as her back!”

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