20+ Photos Prove There Are 2 Types of People in the World

All of us have lots of habits that are firmly ingrained in our lives, and we don’t even notice them because they are just part of our everyday routines. But we never fail to notice when someone else doesn’t turn the lights off, forgets to lock the door, or puts a coffee jar on the wrong shelf. We have been discussing each other’s habits and why not everyone likes them. And in this article, we’re going to share stories about the 2 types of people there are in this world. At the end of the article, there’s a small bonus for you.

Everyone does the dishes their own way. If they even do the dishes, that is.

Some people can’t leave a single dish in the sink and others wait until there’s a pile.

Not all people actually fold their clothes in the closet.

The definition of order is different for different people. And everyone still manages to find the necessary items of clothing.

The same is true for eating corn.

“The difference between how my brother and my girlfriend finish their corn”

No rules here: you eat how you want. Corn is so tasty!

Tea bags have divided us too.

The people that like their tea strong keep the teabag in the cup.

Different people eat their muesli differently.

“That second picture gave me anxiety and reminded me of the way my husband eats.”

Mixing or enjoying the appearance is not so important. It’s a very nutritious breakfast.

Tea or coffee — this is what people are always arguing about.

“There are 2 types of people: one is a tea person, and the other is a coffee person. The photo shows a typical battle of tea and coffee on a narrow shelf. It’s always tea or coffee at the top. The one whose drink is at the bottom always complains. Today, tea is dominating.”

The battle between tea and coffee fans never stops. But what’s the difference: would you sip tea or coffee while chatting with your best friend?

Order vs no order

Not all supermarket employees have enough time to sort all the bottles to make them look nice.

There are 2 types of neighbors.

The idea of a perfect yard is not the same for different neighbors. Some look like they are going to be in a movie next week, and others look as if nobody even lives there.

Even toothpaste can be a problem.

“Toothpaste is always a pain. The left one is my husband’s, the right one is mine. When we have just one tube, it makes me furious.”

We even get the toothpaste in different ways: either carefully from the entire tube or press on the very middle.

The protective film on jars...

The film can be removed completely or just ripped to get to the insides faster. There’s a third type of person — they open the film partially to cover the jar with it later.

Some people just can’t hold the packaging.

Have you noticed some people play with wrappers and napkins? Some even tear them into pieces!

Knife or spoon — this is the question...

“There are 2 types of people in this world. My roommate and I are fond of grilled cheese with mayo. He uses a knife while my kitchen brain is forever attached to the spoon.”

It’s great that some things were decided for us.

There’s a special lid for those that only need one piece of gum and those that like a bunch.

This is all about comfort.

A lot of people do their laces every time they put on their shoes. And others keep the laces tied at all times.

It’s a matter of taste.

Why dip every single piece every time if you can put the sauce all over the entire dish?

When you share your room with someone else:

“Taking a breather and realized there are 2 types of people.”

There’s a stereotype that women like order more. But this photo proves that 2 types of people are not always men and women.

The food, again...

Some people like their ingredients separately to feel the taste. And others believe that the ingredients only work best together.

Kiwis show we’re different too.

“My husband never peels kiwis, he uses a spoon to get every last bit. And I can’t do it — it’s not tasty.”

This fruit can be cut in half and the insides can be eaten with a spoon. Or you can cut it into pieces and keep your hands clean.

We have very different collections.

We’re different in everything. Even our collecting habits are so different...

Parking rules

In parking lots, you can see some drivers folding their side mirrors to make it easier for others to park. But others like bigger mirrors. Well, who cares as long as you can park and not hit anyone else’s car?

“This is how my girlfriend and I eat our s’mores brownies.”

“On top of my parents’ piano, there are pictures of my siblings and their spouses... and then there is me.”

Bonus: There are 2 types of cats too.

What are your habits? How do you react when your friends, relatives, or neighbors do things in a different way?

Preview photo credit danthoms / Reddit
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