At 89, Joan Collins Looks Great, Is Enjoying Her Fifth Marriage, and Is in No Rush to Retire

Joan Collins not only caught the golden era of Hollywood but also found fame once again in the 1980s with the release of the TV series Dynasty. The actress was able to reach dizzying heights of success in the world of cinema, but her personal life was far from ideal. Over 20 years ago, the star finally met her true love, and it’s precisely her husband who helps her stay in great shape. So at 89 years of age, Joan continues working and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Collins quickly conquered Hollywood but, at the same time, gained a poor reputation.

Joan never dreamed of a career in film, she wanted to perform on the theatrical stage. She didn’t seek fame but only wanted to become a professional actress and be as good at it as possible. Her father warned her that people would try to use her because of her good looks and youth and advised her to stand up against this prejudice as much as possible.

In 1954, Collins moved to Hollywood and soon landed her first major role in The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing. Critics were in awe of her acting, and soon there was talk of Joan turning into the new Marilyn Monroe. The first film was followed by other hits, and the actress quickly achieved star status.

Collins was young, charming, and had many admirers. Now the actress recalls that she would go out with many young men, but, more often than not, they were just ordinary dates, and nothing serious ever came of them. However, Joan was too free-spirited and independent for her time, which quickly earned her a poor reputation.

Behind the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s golden era, there was a not-so-pretty picture. This world was not very friendly to actresses. Joan later recalled that she lost her role in the movie Cleopatra because she turned down indecent proposals from studio bosses and the producer of the film. She didn’t want to mix her personal life with her career, which, in many ways, complicated her life in Hollywood.

For a long time, Joan couldn’t find happiness in marriage.

The actress got married for the first time when she was 19 years old. Joan’s chosen one was a movie star at the time, Maxwell Reed. Collins recalled that she literally swooned over the tall, handsome man and was flattered by his attention. But she was soon disheartened, and after four years, the couple broke up. Joan’s next husband was the singer Anthony Newley; during their marriage, they had two children: — Tara and Alexander. But eight years of marriage were followed by a divorce, and Collins swore she would never marry again.

Not long after, friends introduced Collins to an attractive businessman, Ronald Kass, who literally besieged her, offering her his heart and hand in marriage. He was persistent and, for an entire year, begged Joan for reciprocity. Finally, the actress gave in, they got married, and soon their daughter Katyana was born. But her husband’s vices destroyed this union as well. Two years after their divorce, Collins met the singer Peter Holm. The man turned out to be a real gold digger and turned the actress’s life into a nightmare.

Joan still finds it hard to accept that she went through four failed marriages. If there’s anything she regrets, it’s some of these personal failures. “I did that too many times. I was stupid,” says the actress. But despite the fact that married life gave her little joy, she became a mother of three wonderful children, so she still considers her second and third marriages a success.

The actress believes friendship, and separate bathrooms, are the key to a happy family life.

When Joan was 67, she finally met the love of her life. Collins was taking part in a play produced by Percy Gibson’s company. At first, they were just friends, but soon, stronger feelings sparked between the actress and the producer. Two years later, they got married. “I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my Mr. Right. He is great in every respect, and we have a great relationship,” Joan admitted.

Collins and Gibson have been together for over 20 years. And Joan feels like she has finally found the secret to marital happiness, especially as she has spent most of her life married; so, at this point, she can be considered an expert. She and Percy share common interests — they love the theater, cinema, books, and traveling.

Although the couple spends almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week together, they never get tired of each other. Joan and Percy have staged several plays, some produced by her husband and some directed by him. In addition, Collins has two tricks up her sleeve. Firstly, if her husband starts snoring at night, she politely escorts him into the next room. And secondly, whether at home or on holiday, they use separate bathrooms.

The actress admits that their married life has ups and downs too. But she still enjoys her husband’s company. He is, first and foremost, her best friend, and an attractive man secondly. People often get married, overwhelmed by strong emotions and mutual attraction. A couple of years later, they realize that the infatuation has passed and they’re sharing their living space with a stranger. In her fifth marriage, Joan was able to avoid this.

The age difference between Joan and Percy only gives her more vitality.

Percy Gibson is 32 years younger than his famous wife, but the couple isn’t bothered by this at all. More than that, Collins likes to joke about their age difference when she’s asked about it. Joan believes that her spouse’s vitality and youthfulness encourage her to keep her own body and mind in great shape.

The couple has no children together, but Percy has become an excellent stepfather to Joan’s two daughters and son. Percy is the one the kids and grandkids turn to when they need help, and he’s always there to solve any problems the younger generations may have, from lost laptops to drowned phones.

She has no plans to retire.

Joan will soon be 90, but she doesn’t like mentioning her age as she feels like she’s 40. The actress feels great and credits this largely to the healthy eating habits she picked up from her mother as a child and the sport she’s been practicing since she was three years old. Collins still works out several times a week, although she tries not to overdo it.

The actress once kept to a strict diet because the producers were very harsh about her appearance, but she no longer tortures herself this way and knows that she’s allowed to treat herself. Joan doesn’t understand why people are so fixated on women’s age since now many ladies look great in their 60s and in their 70s and 80s, and can be very attractive.

Collins has no plans to stop working any time soon. Firstly, she wants to help her children and grandchildren financially. Secondly, the actress is used to a certain lifestyle and, to maintain it, she has to keep earning money. But beyond that, Joan simply enjoys doing what she loves.

In addition to acting, Joan also produces her own line of cosmetics, does photography, and writes books. Since the early 90s, the actress has published over 10 books. In addition, she collaborates with the publications The Spectator, The Daily Mail, The Times, and The Telegraph. In one of her interviews, Collins confessed: “I don’t see the point, I would get really bored, you know. If they do retire me from films or theatre, then I will write or design. I will do something. I’m not a person who can sit around doing nothing.”

We’re glad that Joan was able to find happiness and hope to see her in new projects soon.

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