Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Team Up as Co-Workers at Dunkin’ Donuts in a Comical Super Bowl Advertisement

It’s indisputable that the beloved pair, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, make a stunning duo. They recently starred in a comical Super Bowl advertisement for Dunkin’ Donuts, which has garnered immense popularity among netizens. Affleck has been a devoted fan of Dunkin’ Donuts throughout his life, and this has also been a recurring joke. It was long overdue for him to be featured in a Super Bowl ad, and they executed it flawlessly.

Over the past few weeks, images of them at a Dunkin’ establishment have been circulating on the internet. It was later discovered that these images were a prelude to a commercial. In the ad, Affleck can be seen taking orders at a Dunkin’ store in Medford, MA, and appears to be having a great time. At one point, he exclaims, «How can it be so cheap and delicious?» Shortly after, he yells out, «One second, I’m trying to locate the bagels.» While at the counter, a customer seems taken aback by Affleck’s presence, and he inquires of another customer, «Do I look familiar?» to which the individual responds, «How?» The actor appears crestfallen. Eventually, Lopez pulls up in her car and inquires, «What are you doing here? This is what you do when you claim to be working all day.» Affleck replies, «I have to go, guys.» Lopez then adds, «Pick up a glazed one for me.»

People on Twitter sure had some jokes about the commercial. @apbenven commented, «that dunkin’ commercial was unrealistic not because Ben Affleck wouldn’t work there but because J.Lo definitely doesn’t drive.» @RyanJamesDee commented, «Not Ben Affleck looking infinitely more enthusiastic to be working a Dunkin drive-thru than being at the Grammys.» @itsjwills commented, «Ben Affleck in a Dunkin commercial was well played.»

During the 2023 Grammy Awards, the couple stole the spotlight when Affleck’s facial expression became an internet sensation. It was reported that although the actor was exhausted that evening, he still attended the awards ceremony to support his wife. The situation escalated when a Tiktok user, @almostannna, revealed on the platform that the couple had become aware that they were trending during the ceremony. «J.Lo showed Ben Affleck the phone and said, ’Oh my God, honey, look at this meme going around about you!’» she disclosed. «And he was like, ’Oh God, not this again.’ He realized he had become a meme while the performance was going on.» She further stated, «He knew and yet decided to keep his expression unchanged! I adore how nonchalant he was.»

According to her, the couple was incredibly affectionate throughout the event, «like their hands were always intertwined.» Additionally, Lopez posted video snippets of the night on her Instagram, either making light of the situation or subtly addressing rumors. «Always having the most enjoyable time with my love, my husband,» she commented.

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