“I take that job very seriously.” Blake Shelton Became a Perfect Stepfather for Gwen Stefani’s Children, and Loves Her Sons Like His Own

Gwen Stefani divorced her husband Gavin Rossdale in 2015. The singer had 3 sons after this marriage, and Gwen didn’t plan on having a new relationship, because the most important thing for her is the well-being of her children. But her life went on a different path, and she found her love — a man who accepts her for what she is, loves her boys, and proves that people can be happy in any circumstances.

Gwen Stefani met country musician Blake Shelton in 2014. Both of them were The Voice judges. As Gwen said later, before the show, she had no idea Blake even existed. But after they met, she felt a magnetism between them. So, in November 2015, their relationship started. But at the beginning, she was really worried about her 3 sons and whether Blake would want to take part in their lives.

Before meeting Shelton, Gwen thought her love life was almost ended. She wasn’t going to think about love and men. But Blake appeared and supported Gwen and the boys. He changed the singer’s life completely and made her happy.

Blake’s father helped him accept the role of stepfather. In the past, he had married the singer’s mother, when she already had an older son. He accepted him like his own and became a true father to him. So, when Blake needed to decide whether he wanted to be with a woman with children, he knew the answer right away. He wanted to make the family feel as comfortable as possible.

“Finding a best friend and someone who is on the same plane when it comes to morals or the way you look at life, that’s the dream. Just having someone who’s like, we think the same about things.”

Blake has a big ranch in Oklahoma with several ponds and stables. Gwen and the kids would often come there at the beginning of their relationship. The boys were a bit shocked, and it was hard for them to adapt to the nature-oriented setting after living in Hollywood. But over time, the territory of the ranch turned into Disneyland for them. Together with Blake, they would go fishing and make bonfires, and the man found common ground with the boys and loved them.

“The two of them were like, ’Well, what do we do now?’ I go, ’Go out that door and don’t come back till you’re too tired to go any further.’ Well, they can’t even imagine just going down to the creek with a net or turning over rocks or getting on a buggy and driving around.”

Gwen is a practicing Catholic, and Blake found an original way to tell her about his feelings. He built a chapel on the territory of his ranch. There, he proposed to her. His life priorities switched from work to family.

“Even though I’m a stepparent, I take that job very seriously. The kids see me as a very important person in their life. [When they ask,] ’Why isn’t Blake here?’ I take that stuff to heart. I’ve made plenty of money, but you can’t buy time back. I don’t want any regrets.”

They got married in 2021, and only 40 people were at the ceremony. Since the wedding, their relationship is growing strong day by day. And the kids treat the man not just as their mom’s partner, but as a real stepfather, which is a good thing for the entire family.

Blake told a story that the boys once asked him to cook a turkey, wrapped in bacon. They saw a picture somewhere and really wanted to taste it. Despite his tight schedule, Shelton promised he’d find time to cook it.

The couple have a shared hobby — growing flowers. Shelton says that he spent a fortune on the seeds, but it really makes them closer. Besides, Gwen loves gardening. They grow sunflowers, tulips, lilies, and many other flowers.

Over time, Gwen has become more restrained in what she does and says in order not to embarrass her kids. She says, “I can’t say all that because I’ll embarrass them or hurt them in some way.” After their amazing careers, she and Blake are ready to just relax and enjoy their lives together.

“Gwen and I have done so much traveling and touring and work the first half of our lives that now we’re like, ’Hey, I’m good to put my sweatpants on at 6 p.m. and watch Ozark eight times.’ That’s our life now, and we love it.”

Gwen is very happy in this family. She says that her marriage with Shelton is a win for her. Blake loves spending time with the boys and he’s a very responsible stepfather. He tries to be a good role model for the kids and always support them. And we’re happy for Gwen and Blake and their strong and happy family.

In your opinion, how hard is it to build a strong relationship when one of the partners already has kids?

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